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About Out of Milk

Out of Milk is an intuitive and easy-to-use Shopping List app available for Android and iPhone. With Out of Milk, your Shopping List stays with you everywhere you go and you’ll have it on-hand once you’re ready to go grocery shopping. The Pantry List allows you keep track of your pantry items (spices, essentials, etc…) so that you always know what you have at home. The To-Do list helps you keep track of any other items on your daily list.

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If you are experiencing issues or have feedback, please email us at

  1. Andrew permalink

    I have downloaded the 1.4 version and seems the keyboard pops up whenever I go to a list, not just when I need it like the other version did, v. 1.3, I like the old version better, can I load the old version back on my Droid X? Thanks, other than that I really like program

    • Marvin permalink

      Hello Andrew,

      The issue has been resolved in 1.4.2. Just update the app in the Market and everything should be back to normal.

      • Hello Marvin,

        We are looking for a shopping List frame for android, iphone and win 7 that will tied to web services we are developing. We would more than likely need some additional development on top of application to match our functionality. It will not be a standalone shopping list app but be one of several programs offered inside a retail service called aisle iq we hope to deploy. If interested let me know.

        Thank you,

        Michael Cozad

  2. chris permalink

    i am having problems downloading this from andriod market,the download is not starting and when i try to cancel i get a force close error come up.

  3. Would love to use the scan feature…but everytime i do it goes to the bar code scanner from the Target app. What can I do to fix that? I have another bar code scanner on the phone.

  4. Paul K permalink

    Love the app. I have some items that Barcode Scanner is able to find product names for, but Out of Milk isn’t. This is strange to me, since Out of Milk uses Barcode Scanner as a plugin… Does OoM only get the UPC code number and do the lookup on it’s own? Is there any way users can add items to the database OoM checks, or can OoM be updated to include more sources?

    • Marvin permalink

      Hello Paul,

      You’re right. Out Of Milk only uses the Barcode Scanner to read the UPC code. When you scan an item in Barcode Scanner to do a product search, all it does is a UPC search on Google. Here’s an example URL:

      Out of Milk has its own database which isn’t complete. Currently users can’t contribute to the database, but if you scan an item in Out of Milk and it can’t find it, you can enter the item manually and Out of Milk will remember it the next time you reenter it. In the future, we hope to be able to leverage other product databases to have a more complete database. Hope that clears things a little more. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Joe permalink

        Hi Marvin,

        thanks for the great app. Is the Out of Milk own database learning based on the manual entered products?
        For me it looks like that manually entered items are only stored in the product history. If I delete the product history all manually entered items are lost, correct?
        What identifier is OofM using to identify manually entered items. Can I import a list of products with identifier to the local user based product database (I assume this is the product history).
        I would like to create a user specific product list at my desktop computer and import it to OofM.
        Thanks for your support.


      • tombilliodeaux permalink

        i can use barcode scanner and find items on the web, but OutofMilk cannot find the same item.

      • bill permalink

        why Does Your App Suggest I Can Manually Enter A UPC When I Clearly Can Not?

  5. Hi!

    Very good app!
    Could you please add a function to add entries via E-Mail?
    I send an E-Mail to my G-Mail Account and “Out of Milk” does automatically import this list?

    I miss also a synchronisation feature.
    I want to be able to sync my list with my girlfriend.
    So both of us have the same list on the device…

    So far the best shopping app for me!!


  6. Adrienne permalink

    Great app, but could you add a feature that allows us to scan items into our spice rack (pantry) and add quantity as well? Just thought I’d ask.


    • Marvin permalink

      Hello Adrienne,

      Quantity for Shopping list will be coming in the next release (less than 2 weeks from now) and there’s also going to be a type of quantity for the pantry. Barcode scanning won’t be added to the pantry yet, but it’s something we are considering adding in the future when our database has more spices in it.

  7. Doug Hafer permalink

    There are two things I wish were added as I love the app;
    1) being able to alphabetize the list
    2) having a list of items that I could download from the app, pre loaded. We are all typing in items and it seems to be additional time that is not needed. The app knows items as I speak them it, why not just start with a list?

    Love the app!

  8. E.Ramirez permalink

    I would like to see where you can send the shopping list to someone. Example: My wife could make a list from her phone and send it to me. I can then cross out the items as I get them. Also my wife would like to be able to set the order on the list to her liking. When she shops she shops the store by the aisle and would like to arrange her list that way.

    • Marvin permalink

      Hello E.Ramirez,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’re working on adding real-time list sharing soon. It’s definitely something we’re also looking forward to.

      • Esteban O. permalink

        I came here to ask the same question. My wife and I, have the app on both our phones and I would want her to be able to send me those list to me and be able to open it in the app.

        I really do not care if it’s a real time list, but I would just like to send and share files. I hope things are coming along well with the updates and I can’t wait.

  9. Steph permalink

    I have downloaded Out of Milk and like what I see. However, the barcode scanner is not pulling up the items I’m scanning. The scanner definitely kicks off and grabs an image of the barcode on the product I want to buy again. However, it doesn’t return results. When I use the ScanLife app, they are correctly identified. I don’t want to download the Barcode Scanner by ZXing because it collects personal data. Can you make Out of Milk work with other barcode scanners like ScanLife which don’t collect personal data? Thank you.

  10. Vicki permalink

    I just downloaded Out of Milk app and i already had a barcode scanner app which is different than the one the OOM app popup box is asking me to download when I click on the scanner icon in OOM. Is there a way for the OOM app to recognize the scanner app I already have downloaded?
    thank you for your help

  11. Sean McDermott permalink

    I have an idea that will take you from 250k downloads to 25 MILLION downloads in one year’s time.

    How do I email you?

    You have quite a fantastic product, with the tiniest of nudging it can be an app that revolutionizes shopping in the 21st century.

  12. Steffy permalink

    I downloaded this app and loved it, however, it accidentally got uninstalled and now I cant find it for download anywhere including the android market. I either get “page not found” or it wont install on my phone.

    If you could offer some insight to this matter, I’d really appreciate it. :)

    • Marvin permalink

      A direct link to the Market is: market://details?id=com.capigami.outofmilk

  13. Slam permalink

    I love your app but I am having an issue with the bar code scanner. When I scan nothing happens. It goes to the screen that says to put the code in the rectangle but nothing happens. Am I missing something obvious or is it conflicting with something. I have the Droid Incredible and the only other app I have installed that uses the scanner is Goggles (and whatever apps come pre-installed).

    Thanks in advance,

  14. Marcin permalink

    Very good app!
    But in Polish language decimal separator is ‘,’ not ‘.’ . I can type unit price 3 but I can’t 2,99. If you could change it.

    • colin permalink

      Mm seems the problem is that if the a1st hit on Google isn’t a match then it says it’s unrecognizable. But if I use my phone’s scanner app then it finds the product as number 2 or 3. Maybe you should use a secondary screen that allows for a selection to be made from possible hits. Example I live in South Africa so when I lookup a number I find it maybe under the 2nd 3rd or 4th Google hit, your selection screen should then allow me to verify and import/associate the hit with the product in hand. Just a thought…
      Is there a way to associate a barcode with a manually inserted product after the creation in Oom?

  15. TegT permalink

    Nice App.
    Would like to see the ability to move an entire list back to the pantry or possibly just add and item from the pantry to a list without removing it from the panty?

  16. Steve permalink

    Any plans in the future to allow for a phone carrying the OoM app to transfer/send its grocery list to another phone that is carrying the OoM app (either via bluetooth or bumping)? This would easily allow another person (i.e. family member) to send their grocery list items directly to me without the need of re-entering the list items from a sent email.


    • Steve permalink

      Please ignore reply. Just saw the other request above for the same functionality.

  17. Greg permalink

    I like this app a lot – and that’s high praise from me :-) . It has great potential.

    My way of using it:

    I create a shopping list per shop. I might extend this to one list per Shop-and-aisle as a way of sorting the lists, as some other commenters/reviewers have requested. I haven’t bothered much with prices since grocery prices are so volatile.

    Likewise, I have a pantry list for each of the major rooms in the house – and three for the kitchen: fridge/freezer, pantry, and other.


    Entering from history needs a search or at least an alphabetical filter. It also needs the option to choose from the history for this list only, or from all lists (shopping and pantry). Over time, I’m going to have more than a thousand items in there – too many to scroll around in.

    In shopping lists the word “Qty” is not needed – the qty and line total could go immediately after the item name, since they’re a different font:
    “Bread 2: $6.02″

    It would be great to have “template” shopping lists – in fact, I thought this is what Pantry lists were, before I started using them. For example, a “party” shopping list with various snacks, paper plates, fruit juices, etc. The use case I envisage is that I open the party list, select the things I want this time, and then choose “add to shopping lists”. For this to work there’d have to be a default shopping list to add to; as things get bought you could just use the last shopping list from which they were “completed”. (This could be done with printed lists and barcode entry, but direct on the phone would be better.)

    Barcode in Pantry lists would be awesome for a “What are we out of?” mode – scan or check everything in a Pantry list, and the list shows what has not been scanned; these items go into shopping lists. “What are we out of?” mode would have a lot of uses.

  18. Andye Healy permalink

    This is perfect, but if phone goes down I’m screwed, right? Need to store my lists online. Also, is there a way to copy an item instead of moving it?

  19. Monica permalink

    Great app – would be nice if it would keep the price and note info when being copied to pantry or better yet having an option to move or to copy (in case you want to leave something on a list but still add it to your pantry inventory

  20. Shannon permalink

    Do we have any sort of estimate for the full online sync? I am interested in the TO DO list syncing more so than the grocery list…


  21. Hi !
    I’m sorry for my english I’m French :)
    Very good app !! Very Good Job.

    Some Ideas :
    - Password for the lists or tasks. It’s interesting for example for gift lists;) There is an app on iPhone does, and it was great practice.
    - Sync with Google task (or Google Doc if google task is not possible)

    Very good job ;)

    Thanks !

    See ya !

  22. Michelle permalink

    Hi, I saw a demo of the app and I am vey impressed but I am an iPhone user. Ny plans to write an iPhone version?

  23. Tammy permalink

    I just got the Nextbook3 and I would love to have Out Of Milk. I cannot get this to download. Is my Nextbook3 able to accept this app and if not would a Galaxy Tab be able to download it. Thanks for the help

  24. Great App, one suggestion

    Instead of the “lining through” option in the lists, how about something more visually catching? Like a different color, or a “Highlighter” option?

    Just a thought.


  25. Anne permalink

    Love this app! Have tried other grocery list apps and nothing compares. Love the ability to text the list. So handy. Only think that I would like to have additional is a place to input/update the list on line.

  26. Marvin permalink

    @Larry: Thanks for the suggestions. We could make turn the item color into a grayish color to better differentiate them from the other items.

    @Anne: Glad you like like Out of Milk. We are currently building a website that will allow users to input items online. The website will be as user-friendly and intuitive as the app :)

    • Hello,
      I also proposed some suggestions before this message ;)


  27. Erica permalink

    I love this App. I still have problems with the camera on cans and other curved products but that’s about it for any real complaint.

    I would, however, LOVE to see:

    * An ability to sync with other users
    * A means to input and save recipes so I can cross reference easily between my most used or interested recipes with my pantry and grocery list when I’m out.

    The former would be awesome for communicating with my SO and the latter would probably make it THE kitchen app for me.

  28. Hi Marvin:

    I love this app!! I’m the kind of guy who buys something, then gets it home and finds out I already have three of them! So thank you for that.

    I have a question. Either I can’t find it or the function doesn’t exist. Is there a way to indicate when I’m out of something I keep in the pantry without deleting the item? I deleted a couple of items, then realized on my next shopping trip that I wanted to replace them. But by that time I had no idea what they were!

    By the way, here’s something I thought you’d find funny: OOM logs Agave Nectar as “plant spit”. Yummy, huh?

  29. Amanda permalink

    Love the app! I organized my entire pantry this weekend and scanned everything. My spice rack and fridge are next. I’d like to send my husband the list to keep on his phone, but I don’t see a sync feature available. Would you also consider adding an expiration block? I’m currently using the notes to enter the information in. With an expiration date separate, maybe there could even be an alert for expiring items.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Buddy permalink

      I would also find adding expiration dates and alerts for them useful. Keep up the great work.

    • Danario permalink

      I agree. Excellent application and expiration time me also missing.

    • Expiration date listing would be fantastic! Great idea. OoM are you listening?

    • Christophe permalink

      Please add expiration dates !! That would make it 10 times more usefull, really !

  30. PaulF permalink

    Good work, I love this app but I have a small problem with it on the Samsung Galaxy S, if I try to enter an item using the voice input I get a dialog saying “Connection Problem”. Is anybody else experiencing this or is it a local issue for me?

    • Wendy permalink

      I have galaxy s3 and so far I haven’t had any problems!

  31. Chip ONeal permalink

    I would like to see narrower lines on the list. You have ‘large’ and ‘medium’ and you need ‘small’ and ‘smaller’.


  32. Fantastic app! Easily the best I have come across. The only suggestion I have is the possibility to change colors/fonts/backgrounds in the app. Maybe a few themes could be added or something. Really I would just like to have different colors differentiating To-Do lists, Groceries, etc. But an overall increase in user customization would make this an even better app.

  33. Kim permalink

    Sad day. My Sanyo Zio updated to Android 2.2.1. Out of Milk disappeared and won’t download. Hope an upgrade is planned. This was a very useful application.

  34. Sam permalink

    In the To Do list, when an item is selected and you choose to edit, there is a space to add notes, which could be handy to add a sub-list or dot points. I can’t see how to easily view the notes without going back to edit, where you can only view 3 lines at a time and there is no easy way to scroll through the “notes” box.

    Any solution anyone?

  35. Janel permalink

    Will this app ever be available for the iPhone? My friend has this and I love it!

    • Carol permalink

      Yes I would love to see this app made for iPhone

      • Gail permalink

        Me, too – please do this app for iPhone.

      • tom permalink

        Have you heard if Out of Milk is being developed for the iPhone. I sure hope so.

    • Dan HTC Incredible and Iphone permalink

      My fiance (Who is the primary on the phone account) needs a version of this for her Iphone. Any chance it’s coming soon?

  36. Lisa K permalink

    How can I scan items to my A & P Bonus Savings Club Card ?

  37. Lonnie B. permalink

    I would like to see the ability to indicate what isle the product is in (for your store) so you can sort your list by aisle to make shopping easier.

  38. bill permalink

    My wife sent me an email and a text of a list for shopping, how do i copy and paste it to the list? I can copy the list from the email but it doesn’t seem to paste, a bug? Am i doing this wrong? seems like a basic thing to be able to do, what am i missing?

  39. craig permalink

    is it possible to customize the name of the list? ie instead of pantry items i could change it to sams club or costco.

  40. Jayden permalink

    Nice work on the app! Please add the ability to alter the types of quanities though.

    For example, I never use lbs, but I always use mls, your app doesnt offer mls so if I could edit the list, I could change lbs to mls.

    Also please add support for not full numbers, so for example I can add half a cup. If i type 0.5, it just goes to 5

  41. Hi Marvin!

    Who do I speak to about advertising opportunities for Out of Milk?

    Thanks! – Sarah

  42. jack permalink

    I like this app, having the todo along with the shopping list, but so many other apps have this and the ability to sort by Isle. Thats a killer for me. Any timeframe when you might be adding this?

  43. StevieT permalink

    I was excited to see that OOM was adding a real time sync feature to its app along with a few other perks/upgrades. I think the method of sharing list among with others was pretty useless at best. I’m a bit dissappointed though, that OOM went the way of the subscription route to charge users for these features. I would have gladly purchased a paid version of the app with these features for a one time fee, but I can’t justify paying $12 year for this app. S0.99/month sounds cheap, but after using the app for a couple of years, that adds up to $24! Do these added features really require a subscription? I think real time sync is almost an essential feature to make a “household” grocery list useful. The method for sharing list on the free version is inconvenient at best. I find the free version almost useless without the sync feature but I’m not going to pony up the endless monthly fees of a subscription. Unfortunately, this will be where OOM & myself part ways. There is a competitor app, not nearly as nice as OOM graphically, that offers the real time sync feature on it’s free version.

  44. Diane permalink

    My daughter loves this app. It looks great any hope of having it for the iPhone or ipad2?

  45. Alina permalink

    I see a few people have asked the same question, but I haven’t seen a definitive answer. My problem is this: I have an android phone, and my husband has an iphone. I love Out of Milk, but would really like for my husband and I to be on the same page when it comes to grocery lists. Any plans to get this on the iphone? Thanks!

    • Chase permalink

      Hello Alina,

      An iPhone version is definitely planned. Thanks for using Out of Milk.

      • Yoav permalink

        Do you have an estimation when such an iphone app will be created? I really loved the app as I saw it in afriend’s Android, and would love to be able to use it as well in my iphone.

      • tom permalink

        How can we be notified when the iPhone app is available? I wanna get it NOW!!

  46. Robert McCarthy permalink

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve read through all the comments and feel your pain on some of the complaints regarding the Amazon app store, ATT and international. You try and try and try to do your best as a developer, but in this world economy with hundreds of different ways to market your app, you’ll always run into stumbling blocks that were completely unexpected and out of your control.

    But bravo to you for doing your best to market the app and field the comments, both good and bad, in an honest and conversational manner.

    I would *really* appreciate asking you a rather simple question(s) regarding your experience with Amazon as I am preparing to release something into that store soon. How can I get in touch with you, other than this forum (don’t want to air out a bunch of technical questions in your customer forum).

    Please get back to me, and best of luck with your continued success.


  47. I’d love to see “import” capabilities added to OOM. For instance, I have “standard” grocery lists in text format on my PC and would love to be able to import the whole list to OOM so I can just add/subtract the items as I need them… Thanks!

    • Candy permalink

      Exactly!! I am looking to just import my standard list and then add to it if necessary, weekly. I want to recall this list every trip. I cannot seem to find a way to do this and do not want to add each item individually every week. I’ll just go back to excel if that’s the case. All the other ideas are great but for me, putting my standard list on my phone instead of wasting paper every week was the whole point in buying this program. I cannot seem to find a way and cant really find a help program. hmmm

  48. jagoda permalink

    hello, i can’t seem to find out of milk app anywhere. i’ve tried android market and app brain and it always says that the app is missing or it could not be found or something.
    and i would really like to get it!

    thank you

  49. Tom Woolley permalink

    Would really be great if on shopping list, the “crossed off” items were shown with a colored background or different color font or something. “Crossed” off is not distinct enough to allow a quick scan of what’s left to buy.

  50. Cath Arrington permalink

    Just upgraded to PRO hoping to get a Widget for both Shopping List and To Do list. Looks like I only have one choice and it takes up significant space. Am I doing something wrong?

  51. Mark Scureman permalink

    I love this app so far. I used it to inventory all the items purchased at the grocery store the past few days and have a few suggestions I’d like for you to consider for a future release:

    1. Please make it so that when I scan an item’s barcode into the inventory, it automatically centers that item in the display window. I can usually find the item in the list, but there have been a few instances where the item’s name wasn’t what I expected it to be and it was hard to find by scanning the entire list. The same should happen whenever I have to manually enter an item that the barcode scanner couldn’t identify. As it is now, when I hit the arrow button, the onscreen keyboard stays up and the text entry field goes blank. I have to hit the back button to close the keyboard, then scroll down the list to find the item I just entered so that I can edit the quantity and price.

    2. Please change the quantity field to allow decimal values. It would be great to be able to track the price per pound (for example) in the deli or meat departments. (3.16 lbs @ $1.29/pound for a $4.08 package)

    3. Please look into a way to have OoM automatically suggest items for a shopping list based on customizable low quantity thresholds on pantry inventory items. For example, if I get down to 1/2 a jug of milk, I’d like to have OoM suggest it next time I create a shopping list. Some people may not need a reminder until it gets down to 1/4 jug.

    4. There definitely should be more units of measure available, or, at the very least, an “other” option that opens a user-editable dialog where you can enter your own UoM.

    I’m looking forward to creating and using a shopping list for next week’s trip to the grocery store.

    • I, too, would love these features – - especially #2 and #3. Please?
      Also, on my Nexus 7, none of these comments are dated. Please fix so we aren’t commenting on an out of date version by accident; don’t want to request a feature that you have addressed the “why or why not” that I just haven’t seen yet. Thanks.

  52. Liam permalink

    Is it only available on android not iphone?

  53. Linda permalink

    I downloaded the Out of Mile app on my Bravo phone and love it but I want to be able to share a shopping list with my husband who has a iPhone. Can he download the app on his iPhone

  54. Tine permalink

    Great app.

    BUT isnt it possible to let the stuff you buy and cross off, go directly to your pantry?? And when you run low on stock in pantry, it goes directly to shoppinglist??

    THat would make it alot easier??

  55. Tine permalink

    And I meen automatically going from shopping list when you buy it, to pantry list. So you dont have to update it manually

  56. Andrew permalink

    I downloaded the pro version from free app a day, Amazon. Reset my phone and now its saying I need to buy the pro version. Anyone else have this issue?

  57. Jenn Walker permalink

    I love the app, and have transitioned from using my paper list. What I am having trouble with is 1) when I add something to my list that has already been put in order to the grocery aisles, it moves a few things around so that I have to reorder the list, and 2) as I go through the store and mark things off my list, they will pop back up again, unmarked. These are both minor, but wanted to share with you. Other than that, I really like this and use it all the time!

  58. Beth permalink

    Love the app my pcola folks!! I have the regular version and am just now learning how to use it all. Is there a way to calculate in BOGO’s (and other sales) in the grocery list? When I put in the actual price of the item it multiplies it when in reality it is bogo. If not I think it would be a very handy feature.

  59. Joe permalink

    What I would actually pay for is if the application automatically copied items that are in need of replenishment to the shopping list. There would be a setting that determines at which level Pantry items were copied to shopping list items. Also, you should be able to have the shopping list categories and the pantry categories mirrored. Thus you have a single integrated database where items in need of replenishment are on the shopping list.

  60. Carol permalink

    Does anyone know when an app will be out for the IPhone?

  61. iAmFreeFromApple permalink

    Don’t worry about porting it to iOwnYourOS Marvin… that ship is sinking. iHaveSeenTheFuture and it is Android. iOwnedAniPhone. iSoldIt. Hahaa. iLaugh. iCouldn’tResist.

    Anyway, the stream of feature requests runs eternal. And yet, I must still splash out a suggestion for you to ponder. How do you know how recent your inventory data is? The list says there is a dozen eggs in the fridge… but was that today, or three weeks ago? Snap the date when the data is updated, makes it more dependable. Cheers, keep up the good work, I wish you big success.

  62. Peter permalink

    This was my all-time favorite app when I had the EVO. I have since switched to iPhone and no OOM! Please speed up development so that we can start using your amazing app again. U guys rock!

  63. Ken Kaplan permalink

    Are you working on a version for the Nook Tablet ??

  64. jay dee permalink

    Please please please make this app for iPhone.

  65. Molly permalink

    I have just begun using the app. Love it. One thing that should be added in the furture is a mealtime menu module. This way one could plan a weekly menu and shop accordingly.

  66. Eugene permalink

    Are you going to create this app for iphone? i used to have Out of Milk on my droid and i miss it so much. the equivalent apps for iphone are terrible! even the ones you have to pay for.

  67. Hey guys… I have the free app and I have looked at all shopping apps available to me. I like Out Of Milk The best for my use for the reason I don’t have to organize hundreds of items I don’t use. Althought some people would prefer a data base. I like things simple and only added Items I use……

    I also like the graphic look of Out Of Milk the best. Out Of Milk is the most professional yet interestingly fun app!


  68. Patricia Davis permalink

    I love Out of Milk but have noticed one item that is very annoying when trying to enter in the ‘unit price’ on my Kindle Fire. You can’t just blank out the 0.00 and starting filling in a new price because there is NO period available on the numeric keypad. I have to very carefully move the cursor over (being very careful not do delete the period) then type in the 1st number and then move to end of pricing area to delete the 2 zeros and put in the correct ones. Is there a way that you could have the PERIOD default based on the price entered and have the period appear in the correct spot? It would also be nice to have the NOTES appear on the list too (or an option button to show NOTES). Thank you so much and an looking forward to Aisles & Categories added also for the Kindle Fire!! Keep up the good work!!

  69. Angel Cherry permalink

    May I know that can I add the items in my Pantry list directly to the shopping list?

  70. Ron permalink

    I cannot break the code to import/export. I can reformat my current spreadsheet shopping list to csv but canot get OOM to accept. any help on that topic available?

    • Night permalink

      I’m unable to do an import either. I copied my shopping list from my spreadsheet program and shifted the columns to line up with the template. i then saved the modified data in a .csv file. The import script informed me it didn’t match.

      With an initial shopping list of 200-250 items (moving into a new house imminently), I would like to avoid cut and paste, if possible.


  71. dawn permalink

    this has been the best shopping list program. I’ve had all my friends and family install it. Sadly, I upgraded to an iphone…and I can’t use it anymore.

    I hope you decide to release it on that platform :) I’ll buy it!

    thanks for a great app!

  72. I have an Android & my wife has an iphone. Is their any plan in place to have this on iphone, so that we would be able to sync the two different platforms?

  73. Gary permalink

    I absolutly love this app, I use the app at home,my droid, and my amazon fire. It is the best app I’ve seen, been using it for months. I just got an iPad any plans to make this for the iPad, iPhone. It would be awesome! I recommend it to all my friends but my friends with i products it would be great if you developed an i version…

  74. Jamie permalink

    Any eta on when we can expect on iphone?

  75. Martin,

    I absolutely love this app. I use it for some many things. But for Grocery Shopping it is do awesome it saves me money. I shop on a budget, strictly on a budget. So I make a list of needed items and wanted items. I this separate my list into 3 categories(Thanks so much!): Needs, Most Likely(ML) Additions, and ML Cuts. As I shop I update the prices and if there are sales I can add some of the Additions or if prices are up I can Cut one of the items in the Cuts list. This is a genius way of Grocery shopping to maximize each and every penny.

    However, I shop at more than one store. And, because I use the categories to sort into levels of importance, I have to go in an out of multiple shopping lists during my shopping trip. That can sometimes mean lots of touch navigation while standing in the grocery isle. This leads me to have a request.

    Could we get a feature that would allow us to switch between lists by swiping left or right? It would allow me to easily and quickly switch between lists, which will keep other shoppers from having to navigate their carts around me. ;-)

  76. Joe permalink

    Would like to export a list or data. Just a note i can not stand reading information on line that is undated . There is no date that states when this information was posted. That makes for a crappy experience for me to be reading information and to find it is out dated.

    • I, too, would love these features – - especially #2 and #3. Please?
      Also, on my Nexus 7, none of these comments are dated. Please fix so we aren’t commenting on an out of date version by accident; don’t want to request a feature that you have addressed the “why or why not” that I just haven’t seen yet. Thanks. I second that

  77. Jess permalink

    Just wondering if anyone knows when the iPhone app will be released? My mum has this app on her phone and it sounds really good and right up my street!

  78. Deanna permalink

    Hi, I just got the pro app, and I like it so far. But I am a HUGE coupon person. I would like to keep up with my clipped coupons. Scan new ones in and scan used ones out? I know other apps will be adding this, so I hope you will too….

  79. Tom permalink

    Can you please add “Cans” as a unit. Many items are sold and used by the can such as soup.

  80. Heather permalink

    So is the new iPhone app also going to include iPad? I still have and love my Droid but I do have an iPad. I find I use my iPad in the kitchen all the time and this would be the perfect time to add items to my list (as of now, you hear a lot of “has anyone seen my phone?” when in the kitchen.)
    I’m also curious that if I have a Droid and my hubby has the iPhone will the lists sync??? A lot of times I send him to the store and it would be easier than retyping in a text what we need; would be a BIG help. And the kids (teens and college age) so they can see what mom needs.
    Yes, yes, I want it all. Thanks a million! :)

  81. Susan Frank permalink

    This looks really good and I’m looking forward to using it. Is there a way to work on the list from my pc, or can I only do it from my phone? I have a lot to add to various lists and doing it all from my phone is a pain…

  82. Hi, i absolutely love this app. Have been using it since it came out and goy all my friends hooked as well. I have just switched to the iphone and am vey upset i wont be able to use it anymore. Any idea as to when the ios version is going to be released? Im dying to have out of milk back!

  83. THE-E permalink

    I and 3 of my family member are using Out of Milk to organize the groceries.
    The problem I am facing:
    The auto complete is only being used for an independent data base of Out of Milk and my product history. The auto complete is really annoying, because I don’t want to use an external auto complete data base. Could you please add an option to get the pantry list in the autocomplete and exclude the random and confusing out of milk data base ?

    I am using the german pro version.

    Keep it up! Currently it is the best grocery organizer for Android.

  84. Dana Myers permalink

    Thank you for this app!
    It’s awesome & I told all of my FB friends about it. Out of almost 400 friends you should have some new downloads & purchases.

    Dana Myers

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    be available that in detail, thus that thing is maintained over here.

  86. Giscard Gomperts permalink

    Awesome app, Me and my girl are making list. when she makes an item and adding a barcode to it it goes to her product history. i would like it to go to my product history as well . Everything else works great

    i worked a little around it. copy every item on her shared list and then click edit 1 by 1 and it saves to my history

  87. bob III permalink

    Great App, but in the new Version the Widget don’t work anymore on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
    Very Sad.

    Greetings from Gemany.

    • Stephen permalink

      I have the same problem. Please address this issue!

      • Stephen permalink

        Mine is a Galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition, btw.

  88. Dawn permalink

    I have loved using out of milk for a long time, but my husband just recently downloaded it and tried to sync it, only to have the program destroy his whole phone. He can still text and call, but he cannot use his gmail or any apps or download any new apps. He removed out of milk from his phone but it is still causing problems.I know that makes it sound as if something other than out of milk caused the problem, but it didn’t, it was the out of milk app when he tried to sync. Its just too complicated to explain here. Could you please contact me so we can resolve this issue?

  89. Dawn permalink

    My husband fixed it. Turns out it was Google’s two-step security system. Once he turned that off and went back to a simple password (not the two-step) security system it released the system and he can get back into gmail, apps, google store, etc.

  90. Monika permalink

    I have just recently switched to using Out of Milk from using a few separate apps for list management (Astrid for to-do’s and OI Shopping for shopping lists) and I simply love it to pieces! Support has been amazing, courteous and timely and Chase has been a pleasure to talk to. I have one suggestion for future releases… I’d love to be able to modify the three main lists on the welcome screen. Shopping List and To Do List are fine but Pantry List never gets used. I’d like to be able to change it, rename, remove, etc. Pretty please!! :)

  91. Monica permalink

    I am new to OOM but it would be awesome if when you crossed off you shopping list it would add those things to your pantry. Great app though!

  92. Kasey permalink

    Excellent app! I’m trying to figure out how to manually enter upc’s. Can you explain where to put the upc number and where to put the product name? Thanks!

  93. Eddie B permalink

    How do I synch my Android Out Of Milk with something on my PC?

  94. ben g. permalink

    Love this app!!!

    as a suggestion, I would like to see to see the ability to have repeating task. So that tasks that repeat, like paying bills every month, I don’t have to keep entering them.

    • troy permalink

      I second this, I would prefer to use a single app for list management and so far this is my dominant one, but I am still tied to gtasks for the recurring tasks.

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  96. car s. permalink

    A Great app! hands down. The Best out there by far.
    Also, good dev response.

    I hv only one prob with the Barcode capability. Don’t mind enter my products manually (one for every product), as tiring as it is, but prob is, though it does save it on the list, and in the history, it doesn’t pull it (remembering), the next time i’m scanning…

    Another suggestion: there are plenty of webbed product data-bases out there, if you are serious updating yours, maybe find a way to let users choose country-based database, for all of us non-american…

    thnx, n keep up the great work.

  97. Kate permalink

    I have an Android phone and an iPad and want to be able use OoM on my phone via the app and on my iPad via the web. I want to update my lists on the web using my iPad at home, since it’s far easier for typing and using the larger screen. I also want to use the app on my phone when I’m away from home or out shopping. However the two don’t sync with each other. The list on the web page when viewed on the iPad does not mirror that on my phone, which renders it useless.

    I upgraded to the Pro version to allow me to use the app on the web, but as you can see from above it doesn’t work with my setup. I love the app but I am no better off for having paid for it. Why doesn’t the web page sync correctly on my iPad? Is there anything I can do to sort this? You’ve been promising an iPad app for a very long time. When’s it going to happen?

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  99. greg permalink

    Works we’ll. On 2 different phones i find the legacy barcode scanner more reliable. Both work, just have better control with the legacy and I find the longer display of the bar and the scan line allows me to check for miss_scans.
    A Couple of suggestions (some of which may be on pro version already?):
    1. Display the barcode numbers when a scan doesn’t recognise an item. This allows a check whether the item is not in the database our if it was a miss scan
    2. After typing a new entry after a not recognised scan, return to the scanner not the manual entry
    3. Long press on pantry item should copy it to shopping list
    4. Need a way to use the volumes in the pantry list to generate a shopping list.

  100. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it.

    Look advanced to more added agreeable from you!
    However, how could we communicate?

  101. the_chemist_of_discord permalink

    Is there comprehensive documentation for this app? I don’t have time to familiarize myself by playing with the darn thing. Most of it seems intuitive, but some of it isn’t. For instance, which collection of buttons does one push in order to barcode scan?

  102. DavWip permalink


    Could you please include additional infos when sending the list (e.g. to Evernote, email, 2Do, S Note (Samsung Note2 app) etc.).

    Until now (on android) there is just the pure item list sended, without e.g. the item notes.


  103. April permalink

    It’s a great app. It would be so awesome if there were an interface with Amazon Fresh! I would LOVE to be able to export my shopping list to Amazon and place my order from my mobile. Just sayin.

  104. Evie permalink

    I really like the app, very helpfull!! one question is there a way that an item in automatically added to categories??? I categorized all my items in one master list but do I have to add the categories everytime I want to add a list??

  105. Nancy permalink

    Hi! Absolutely love the app! It’s one of the first apps i d/l when i got my phone. Love being able to ad things from my shopping list to pantry list and place things in categories so everything is in the same aisle at the store.

    I agree with what a few peeps have said about just crossing things off the list not being distinctive, but again, i simply move those items to my pantry list.

    One thing though, I have been able to share the shopping list with one person in my household, however, cannot add a second. Is this not possible or is something malfunctioning, or is this a feature in the “pro” version, but not the free version. I can’t find any information on if this is possible or not.

    A little documentation would be nice. Thanks!!!

  106. Leah permalink

    I can’t seem to get the scanner to work. There was a suggestion to check a box in the settings for an alternate scanner, but that doesn’t work either. I can manually enter bar codes, but that isn’t as efficient. Thanks.

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  123. Matty permalink

    I have just reinstalled my tablet and its version 4.1

    This is excellent guys, the new taking items to the bottom of the list when done is superb who suggested that lol.

    I think I’ll go shopping today just to test it.

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  125. Ok. I must admit this puts me in the ignorant but teachable category. This app is not intuitive for me in many ways. I really need a good tutorial. The button you list as tutorial is certainly NOT a tutorial! So far, I’ve not even found a FAQ section to help. I like what this app is capable of, but I’m not able to use it well. Please help, or advise as to where I can find a guru to answer my multiple questions. Thanks.

  126. NancyW permalink

    Is anyone having trouble getting this app to sync with the Samsung 4S phone? I have tried mannually sync-ing. And I have gone into setting an choosen Full Sync. It is not sync-ing. On the computer the changes and additions are there, but not on my phone. I need it on my phone when I am in the grocery store.

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  129. To save cash, make sure you make your grocery list as per your coupons. Stocking up on items which have discounted prices is a great idea. This may save you money later on.

  130. Christina permalink

    What a handy app! Thank you so much!

    Here are a few suggestions I’d like to add based on how I utilize the app:

    1) In the “How Much?” pull down menu, it would be nice to add “package”, “can”, “carton”, “jar” and “container”. There are many items I purchase that are canned so it would be helpful to price those per can. Also, some items that fall into a different type of packaging or plastic container that don’t really seem to fall into the other categories, would be a solution for those.

    2) I would like to better use this app to help me save on grocery costs. I would love to be able to better compare prices from different stores. However, some stores sell things differently. For example, I can purchase bananas at a Kroger or similar grocer by lbs, but at a wholesaler like Costco or Sams Club, a “bunch” of bananas is always $1.36. In that case, they are not sold by weight necessarily, but it’s a consistent larger bunch of bananas than at a regular grocer . This is the case for the majority of wholesalers produce items, sold by package rather than weight. I would like to be able to compare the costs with a common denominator to determine where I am getting the best value for my money.

    - With that, the “Price Per Item” does not seem to calculate the way I would like to use it. For another example, say I bought a carton of orange juice from Kroger which is a half gallon and would like to compare the price to the orange juice at Sams Club that is sold in a one gallon bottle. Currently, in order to compare these prices, I list the Sams Club orange juice by oz, which is 128, rather than as 1 gal. But when I add a price (the cost of the single bottle/gal say is $5), it multiplies the price by 128, calculating that the orange juice is $640. That is some expensive orange juice! So, to get around that, I have to calculate separately the $5 bottle divided by 128 to get my cost per oz at 0.03906……cents per ounce. I then do the same method for the orange juice sold at Kroger so I can compare their prices “apples to apples” so to speak. :) It would be really helpful if you could still say “1 gal” or “1 bottle” or “1 container” cost $$ and then also list weight and have it automatically calculate cost per oz or per pound so you can make these comparisons.

    2) Again following this concept to compare, I would consider making a separate list for each retailer that I visit, but I want to be able to see these prices side by side without going to another list. There may be times where I only need a small quantity of something so it is more cost effective for me to purchase at the regular grocer than the wholesaler and vice versa. Therefore, if there could be another selection for “Retailer” or “Location” I could still have the prices for orange juice and other items listed next to each other in my grocery list and see that it costs this much at Kroger and this much at Sams Club. This can be a smaller “grayed-out” font listed below or to the right of the item but that is always visible in your list so you can compare prices and decide where to purchase based on your current needs.

    I have a few other thoughts, but I’m sure that is more than enough to take in right now.

    Thanks again for the app. I am really enjoying it!

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  133. Oliver Tatlow permalink

    Great App. Very simple and easy to use.

  134. Bobby Boston permalink

    I just scanned the package of a product I bought and want to add to next week’s shopping list. Instead of adding the product name to my list on my Out of Milk app, the entry reads: “Box O E-Coli.” Not funny. I sent a note to the product’s manufacturer. Wonder where the QR scanning code system broke down.

  135. Chris permalink

    I still want to know when Out of Milk is going to be available for the Windows platform. One of the best shopping apps and not available for Windows but it is available for the Nook. Who owns a Nook, I would guess the same or less than the people who own a Windows Phone. I would also say more than half the people who own a computer, own a Windows platform computer, specially now with Windows 8 where you can get apps on this platform. Still very disappointed that it’s still not out for the Windows OS.

  136. David, you don’t receive copies of your previous letters. As the letters go forward that amount could possibly be in the hundreds. But if there’s a particular letter send us an email and maybe we can figure something out.

  137. Kris permalink

    I am from Canada and love the app but the system cant ever seem to find deals in my area. Am I missing something? Is that coming soon?

    Scanner works great!

  138. I have been testing other apps in my iPhone but none was good enough, no barcode, wrong philosophy, too simple, too complicated. This one is perfect except for one thing: there is no way for me to create an item in my local list and add a barcode if it is not found in OoM DB.

    I have read it is possible but no I browsed the app upside down and did not see how.

    Please add that feature, it is all I need for a 5 star tagging! Thanks

    And post in the blog more often, almost 11 months without a post? what happened??

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  143. Ernest Stipp permalink

    HI, just bought the app. besides from crashing several times when syncing, I am trying to import csv files with UPC codes. the contents are being imported, but not the UPC codes. The csv files are correctly formatted (text). am I missing something?



  144. Joe permalink

    Great app, but how do i prevent it from starting whenever there is free memory on my phone? I can kill the process but it keeps auto-starting. ANNOYING!

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  153. Mike permalink

    You might want to create a shopping trip, allowing a person to include different lists. This will solve a problem I have: I may buy tuna in more than one store. If I put it in each store, then I must remove it after I buy it at one store. If I put it into a multi store list, I can include it in my merged list.

    I think the best way to do this is to introduce a new feature: Shopping Trip.

    Add to the trip the shopping lists for the stores you will go to and Bingo! everything is there. Now, if I buy tuna, I can cross it off all the shopping lists. Of course, you would need to keep a pointer for each entry to the list it came from.

    I hope to see it in a future release

  154. Frank Kiehner permalink

    Has anyone discovered a way to update the Pantry list using the barcode scanner that wont ‘add’ a new item to the inventory? Would like to be able to scan the barcode and if the item is already in the pantry, open that item so that I can update the new quantity (and decrease the qty if I use the item).
    Right now, if I scan a particular item at different times, it always adds the item as a new item in the pantry when it already exists. Takes extra steps to correct it.
    Frank K.

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  161. Amy permalink

    I’ve tried contacting you for the last 6 days (4 business days) through the “Need Help” button on my laptop account but haven’t gotten a reply so I’m going to try here:
    With the most recent update I can’t access my lists on my phone. When I open the app it takes me to one of my lists which happens to be empty. At the top of the list is a dark gray bar with “Undo” on the right side (I can barely see the name of the list through the gray bar). I can add items to this empty list but because the gray bar is covering the menu button at the top I can’t get back to the list of my lists. Clicking “Undo” in the gray bar doesn’t do anything and sliding the list out of the way (getting to the main menu) doesn’t help. Once I click on Shopping List from the main menu, I’m right back at the empty list.

    I’ve shut the phone down and back on (so that all apps close) but that didn’t help.

    I’ve uninstalling the app from the phone, shut the phone down, powered the phone back up and installed the app again. I still have the same issue and now my Out of Milk ProUnlocker has been removed from my App list – I don’t know if that’s important or whether I need that.

    Also, if I add an item to the ‘empty’ list that Out of Milk opened to, then clicked that item the “Undo” bar went away and I was able to access the menu button and switch to another list. However, once that new list opens, the gray bar with the “Undo” bar is back at the top and I am stuck again.

    I can’t easily use what was, up until the last update, a great app.

    • David permalink

      I do have exactly the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S1 plus (GT-9001) Android Gingerbread . I didn’t contact Out of Milk yet because I first want to check out the Blogs and the FAQ but can not find any solution. It is a great app. I do use it on my tablets and would surely like to use it synced on my smartphone and want to buy it if it would work. Before I contact Out of Milk did you find any solution?

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    I love OOM especially the sync between devices. It makes planning with my wife a lot easier. Great job!
    But I’ve switched to Windows Phone, and my biggest issue is the lack of OOM!
    Is there any plan for a WP version?

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  185. D Carroll permalink

    4.1.7 Pro crashes on my Nexus 5 every time I try to edit an item. Been doing this for weeks beginning about the time of Lollypop update.
    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, setup with new user & blank database, nothing seems to resolve.
    Can you please advise?

  186. Thorsten permalink

    I habe a feature request:
    I’d like to see meta-products within the app.
    Half the time when I do my shopping list I put in the one specific product I want to buy, e.g. I want Pepsi max 1,5l I put it in like it is.
    But sometimes there a products where I don’t favour any brand or size, perfect example would be milk.
    I don’t write down that I need “Tuffi 3,5% milk 1 l” but just milk maybe there is an discount or tuffi is sold out or I want some milk with less fat etc..
    So I Would be great if I could put in a simple meta-product called “milk” and if I scan any kind of milk in the store it would change to my specific product.

  187. Ben permalink

    We love using this app and tell folks about it all the time. I am having trouble editing the shopping lists, though. I would like to be able to edit or delete a list.

    Also, the recipes addition is great but it doesn’t sink across devices. Can that be added?

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  189. maggie permalink

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  190. Sean O'Grady permalink

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