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Sep 12 14

Add recipe ingredient to your shopping list

by Marvin

We’re pleased to announce our latest major feature we’ve been working on for some time. Out of Milk v4.3 will support adding recipe ingredients to your shopping list in a few easy steps. Currently we support 35 of the most popular recipe websites. We’ll be adding additional websites depending on demand. We’re doing a staged release in order to fix any issues before releasing it to everyone. So it might be a few days before the update shows up for you.


May 28 13

What’s on your grocery list?

by Paul

Hey everyone! You all know how hard we try to be open and communicative with all of you and how seriously we take your feedback. We know that we couldn’t provide this app without you and we were trying to come up with ways to keep the dialog open between us.

Then… it hit us. It hit us right in the face. We have a blog and we’ve barely been using it! Blogs are designed to keep people talking and we haven’t been using it at all, and that changes today!

From now on we vow to start writing up more posts about things we think you might be interested in from Out of Milk. It’s going to be a two way street though… we need all of you to participate and comment so that we can make the most of it!

To get this blog started, we put together an infographic with some cool stats for you to check out about what’s going in your shopping lists.

Leave us some comments and tell us what other kinds of info you’d like to see or know about!

(Click for bigger)

Feb 11 13

Out of Milk 3.3 Is Out!

by Marvin

We’re really excited to announce the reason for Out of Milk 3.3! It’s a big release and brings tons of new improvements. The biggest feature we’re announcing is the ability to browse and search deals and promotions in your zip code (available to U.S. users only right now). Now you can say goodbye to your paper circulars or all those store-specific apps you’ve got installed. This feature is available on both Android and Web. We’ll be releasing the same feature on iPhone in a little over a month. For now, iPhone users can login to the website to take advantage of this feature.

On top of the new deals feature, we’re happy to announce the following features:

Browse and search deals and promotions in your zip code (U.S. users only for now).

  • An enhanced autocomplete lets you add items on the fly. No typing necessary.
  • Opening a list is much faster
  • Added ability to undo certain actions. You can undo adding an item to a list using the instant auto-complete and undo marking an item as done.
  • Notes are always visible
  • Newly designed Category Management screen
  • Enabled lockscreen widget for devices running Android 4.2 and up
  • Easier login using Google Accounts. You won’t need to type in your username or password. This requires a phone with Google’s Play Store installed.
  • Ability to scan barcodes on devices with only a front-facing camera
Feb 8 13

Out of Milk 3.3 Beta + Contest

by Marvin

We’re proud to announce Out of Milk 3.3 beta for Android as well as a raffle where the 1st prize wins $150. One thing we’re really excited about in this version of Out of Milk is the ability to browse your local grocery store deals! Now you can say goodbye to your paper circulars. Give it a try, it’s pretty awesome!

The rules and details, including a link to download the APK, is available on the bug submission form:

New features in this version:

★ Browse and search deals and promotions in your zip code (available to U.S. users only).
★ An enhanced autocomplete lets you add items on the fly. No typing necessary.
★ Added ability to undo certain actions.
★ Notes are always visible.
★ Newly designed Category Management screen.
★ Enabled lockscreen widget for devices running Android 4.2 and up.
★ Easier login using Google Accounts.
★ Devices with only a front-facing camera can now scan barcodes.

Jan 6 13

Out of Milk for iPhone

by Marvin

We’re happy to announce that Out of Milk for iPhone is now available on the App Store! Households members who have either Android or iPhone can now sync lists. Head to the App Store to download or just search for “out of milk” on your phone. Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and family on iPhone!

A few things to note regarding the iPhone version:

  • It requires iOS 6 and up. We ran into some issues that prevented the app from running on iOS 5.x even though that was our initial goal.
  • It runs on the iPad and iPad mini but isn’t quite optimized for their display yet.
  • Two Android features are missing but we’re working on them for the next release: adding items from history and sending lists by email or text.
Sep 27 12

Out of Milk 3.1 Is Out + iOS Beta Begins

by Marvin

We’re excited to announce the release of version 3.1. This is mainly a maintenance release for Android that fixes some issues and brings back the old and familiar list design as a standalone theme. Here’s what’s new in this release:

  • Some of our users really liked the old theme and were sad to see it go, so we’ve brought it back as a standalone theme. To enable the old design, go to Settings > Customizations > Themes, and select the ‘Classic’ theme.
  • Opening a list is now much faster than before.
  • Fixed a couple of  compatibility issues with newer Android devices.

We’d also like to talk a bit about the upcoming iPhone release. Yes, it’s coming. We’ve wrapped up development and are looking for beta testers. This is not for the faint of heart, so we don’t recommend it for everyone, especially those who hold their lists dear. There is a possibility you may lose your list. Signup here for our iOS beta and we will contact you soon with instructions.

PS: Amazon & NOOK Apps will be updated in the next few days with this release. Those App Stores require that the update go through an approval process before being available.

Update: If you are experiencing crashes, please update to version 3.1.2. This fixes the crashes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jul 3 12

Out of Milk 3.0 Is Out! Syncing and List Sharing for Everyone

by Marvin

We’re happy to announce the release of version 3.0 of Out of Milk. It’s a very important release and we’re really excited about it.

Signup, syncing and list sharing are now free

We understand how useful it is for couples, families and roommates to sync and share lists so we’ve decided to make syncing and list sharing completely FREE for everyone. There’s absolutely no catch.

To get started you’ll need to first create an account. To do so, just update to the latest version of Out of Milk. We’ve made the signup process very easy. You can signup using your Facebook or Google account. If you don’t have either one, you can signup using any email address as well. Happy syncing and sharing!


New look-and-feel

The previous Out of Milk theme was over a year old and we felt that it was time for something new. In this release, we’ve given the app an updated look-and-feel. The new look is beautiful, cleaner, more readable and easier on the eyes. The buttons are bigger than in the old design which makes them easier to tap. The new look also looks better on devices with larger screen.

Users who have devices running Android 3.0 and up will welcome the familiar menu button at the top right of the title bar. Expect the look-and-feel to evolve further in future releases. If you’re running Android 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.3, the top right menu button won’t show up for you. You can continue to use your phone’s physical menu button like you’ve done in the past. They accomplish the same thing.


Faster access to your lists

With the new design, it’s a lot easier to switch between commonly used lists. Tapping on the current list’s title now opens a menu. The neat thing about the menu is that it shows your last 3 recently used lists which makes switching lists quick and easy. We’ve also included convenient menus for going back to the homescreen and managing all your lists.


Additional improvements

As with every release, we’ve fixed plenty of bugs and improved performance. If you had issues with doing manual syncs in a previous release, please update as we’ve address several syncing issues in this release.

We hope you like this release. We would also like to wish our U.S. users a happy 4th of July!

Jun 14 12

Out of Milk 2.6 Is Out!

by Marvin

UPDATE: Some users are reporting that they aren’t seeing the update yet. We’ve contacted Google regarding the delay.

UPDATE #2: It looks like it’s available now on the Google Play Store!

We’re happy to release a minor update to Out of Milk that adds a few features:

  • Lots of new units: gallon, dozen, each, pieces, bag, bottles, box, case, pack, roll, small, large
  • Get to your lists faster by creating a direct shortcut to any list. Learn how to add a shortcut.
  • Tweaks and improvements to the new barcode scanner.
  • Improved list importer on website. Now you can import any CSV file (Comma-separated values). You pick which column matches up to which field.
  • Enjoy improved stability and performance.


May 7 12

Mother’s Day Winners

by Marvin

We’ve reviewed everyone’s comments and we have to say that all of you have awesome moms! The 3 winners we picked are Marissa, Stef and Tim. We’ll get in touch with the three of you to coordinate the gift giving.

Everyone who has participated gets a free Pro account from us! I’ll contact you  each about that as well. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in this contest!

May 1 12

Out of Milk Wants to Help Celebrate Your Mom

by Marvin

Update: We picked 3 winners.

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 13, we want to help you celebrate your mom and make her Mother’s Day very special. Tell us why your mom is the greatest mom ever. We’ll pick 3 lucky winners. Each winner can pick up to $100 in gifts for his or her mom (flowers, chocolate, anything she loves). You just tell us what you want for your mom and we’ll take care of everything. It will look as if it came from you and won’t include any Out of Milk branding.

How to Enter the Contest

You must leave a comment on this blog post telling us how awesome your mom is using the following format: “I love Out of Milk, but I love my mom even more because …” If you’re a Twitter user, you can tweet us your response by just clicking here and telling us why your mom is awesome in 86 characters or less.

Submissions end on Saturday, May 5th at 9pm Pacific Time. We’ll announce winners on Sunday, May 6th at 9pm Pacific Time.


Additional Contest Details and Rules

  • This contest is open to everyone including non-US users.
  • Please write your response in English. Our team has to be able to understand it.
  • We’re paying for shipping but make it reasonable. For example, we can’t ship out to space, that’s like $3,000 per pound.
  • We will contact the winners once the contest is over so that we can work out the details.

Disclaimers (Because every fun contest needs disclaimers)

  •  Our users are awesome and we love them. We just wanted to clarify that.
  • This contest is not sponsored by Facebook, Twitter and any other entity, corporation or life form that is not Out of Milk or Capigami, Inc.
  • We will do our best to buy exactly what you want for your mom.
  • No more than one entry per contestant or family (sorry siblings, you’ll have to work together on this one).