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What’s on your grocery list?

by Paul on May 28th, 2013

Hey everyone! You all know how hard we try to be open and communicative with all of you and how seriously we take your feedback. We know that we couldn’t provide this app without you and we were trying to come up with ways to keep the dialog open between us.

Then… it hit us. It hit us right in the face. We have a blog and we’ve barely been using it! Blogs are designed to keep people talking and we haven’t been using it at all, and that changes today!

From now on we vow to start writing up more posts about things we think you might be interested in from Out of Milk. It’s going to be a two way street though… we need all of you to participate and comment so that we can make the most of it!

To get this blog started, we put together an infographic with some cool stats for you to check out about what’s going in your shopping lists.

Leave us some comments and tell us what other kinds of info you’d like to see or know about!

(Click for bigger)

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  1. LauraL permalink

    Yup, that looks about right. :D

    So, where might one see a plan for upcoming changes? I have suggestions. :) The most basic one is to increase the contrast and/or thicken the “strike–through” line when we mark off an acquired item. The store I shop in, the lighting is such that I can’t always clearly tell if I marked it off or not and I’ve missed items thinking they were ‘crossed off.’ OR! have all crossed-off items drop to the bottom of the list, most recently crossed-off to the top of that bottom list in case of inadvertent crossing-offs (guilty!)

    • Laura,

      We have a complete overhaul of the list display coming, please check out our facebook for details (we posted some images).

      If you would like to talk about features or requests, please use our dedicated support portal here: where it emails us directly and we can talk easier

      • Sue permalink

        How do I turn off the list categories? I do not want to use it.

    • Wanda permalink

      I love this app! However, it would be even better if I didn’t have to categorize every time I make a list. Couldn’t “apples” remain Produce unless I change it?

      • usermom permalink

        I make 2 lists. One for all the usual items categorized as they should be. Then use the copy function to move them to the ‘shopping’ list. I created a ‘family shopping list’ instead of the default one, because that can be shared across the family and they can see/add what runs out.

        I have the same for meals, and ‘meals this week’ and I’m waiting for ‘Out Of Milk” to put the copy function into the mobile version!!!!

    • NJtoTX permalink

      I have the opposite issue. I only have one list, don’t remove items, and so when I need something, I want to instantly find the crossed-off item and reactivate it. Capitalizing the first letter helped. My categories are store names only.

    • Gert permalink

      Please, please, don’t thicken the line and think of something else to make strike-throughs more clear, because the list becomes ugly as all other shopping apps

    • Mark permalink

      I use Out of Milk as simple shared grocery list with my wife. It works fine for that. I actually haven’t used any of the ‘new’ features over the past several years. But I still get the updates. Until now! With the latest update you want permission to access my phone call records! This is not going to happen! So I will periodically check the updates and when this requirement is gone I’ll update again.

    • sellva permalink
  2. Sara permalink

    I am a new user to OOM and I love it! Perfect app to help make it easier for my husband to shop for me.

    Is there a way to categorize to-do lists? I was trying to put together a massive house cleaning list and I wanted to categorize it by room. Does the Pro version have that capability? Or am I just missing something? : )

    • Chase permalink

      Evening, Sara. I replied to your support ticket as well, but it is on our development plate to make the To Do portion of Out of Milk stronger.

      • kimberly permalink

        This would be amazing, i could integrate the features of 2 other apps

        • Jayelle permalink

          I have made a todo list for each day. Some items need to be done each day. Is there a way to cut and paste items from one todo list to another?

    • Kilty permalink

      Sarah, if you number each room, then the list will sort numerically. I use the to-do-list for menu planning, and the title of each menu is the beginning date (2014-09-22).

  3. Withheld permalink

    I’m pretty sure this infographic is against your terms of service.

    Would you please explain where in your terms of service as of today you claim the right to use private shopping lists to create marketing information?

    Knowing you have access to the contents of my shopping list to casually browse through makes this app pretty much useless to me and all privacy-conscious users, and I kind of regret paying for it now.

    • Alastair Stevenson permalink

      The use for any purpose of the content of OOM Shopping Lists (and all the other info the app transmits) is actually covered in a catch-all way by the T&Cs, see extract below.
      Not great for those who value their privacy – depending on what you put in the lists …

      “Subject to our Privacy Policy, any communication or material that you transmit to this site or to us, whether by electronic mail, post, or other means, for any reason, will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. While you retain all rights in such communications or material, you grant us and our agents and affiliates a non-exclusive, paid-up, perpetual, and worldwide right to copy, distribute, display, perform, publish, translate, adapt, modify, and otherwise use such material for any purpose regardless of the form or medium (now known or not currently known) in which it is used.”

    • Withheld,

      We absolutely appreciate your privacy concerns and we take them very seriously. That’s why this infographic, which is not designed as marketing material, is not tied to any users and cannot be linked back to any specific person. It is simply an informational chart showing trends of items passing in and out of lists.

      We very much understand the need for privacy which is why the information is completely and 100% anonymous.

      • NYC shopper permalink

        There’s a reason I rarely list the actual brand names of items on my lists. I value my privacy and I know which brands I buy, so there’s no need to actually mention it.

        I guess I’m a lazy list maker too because if I am looking to by chips and pretzels etc, I just list “Snacks” or “Snacks – Assorted” and I work the details out at the store. another example is “Lunch meats”…and I buy what appeals to me once I get to the deli counter. There may be good prices I was unaware of or the way the meat looks will impact my decision making. Besides, I can’t be bothered listing all the individual items in certain categories.

  4. Bonnie permalink

    You can document my cat-food, chicken legs, and toilet paper purchases any time. Really, what difference could it make! You guys have made my life so much simpler and I love the app.

    One thing I have thought of is maybe a hi-lighter for some items on my list; IOW, if I REALLY can’t forget something, or if I’ve had it on the list and couldn’t find it, and have to make a special effort, could I somehow differentiate it from the other items, either making it bold, hi-lighting it, or boxing it, what ever option would be simplest to make available?

    • That’s an interesting idea, Bonnie!

      We can definitely look into that. One thing you can do in the meantime would be to create a category for those items and then if you for sure can’t find them or they are too important to forget… put those items in that category :)

      • Matty permalink

        Additionally, if its in a shopping list and it could not be found, perhaps there could be some mechanism that enables the user when making a new list to automatically add all the items not purchased from the previous list.
        “Import outstanding items” – then “pick list(s)” to include.

        A great app.

    • I just put one or more asterisks in front of my item to show if it’s crucial, or how crucial it is.

  5. Claudiu permalink

    I really love OOM, thanks so much for all your work!

    Quick question: is there an API that can be used to add an item using a ReST call or similar? Thanks!

    • Claudiu,

      No API right now, but it’s definitely something that we may be looking at in the future!

      • Paul C permalink

        +1 for the API idea. The app is great, but it would be even better if I could experiment with my own ideas that talk to it and my lists, rather than just suggest things on your blog and hope for the best.

      • Martin Večeřa permalink

        +1 for REST API, I could even develop my own Amazon style button to add groceries in my household.

  6. I don’t see any pindakaas or kattenbakvulling in the infographic… yet I’m sure these are fairly popular items.

    *groan* ;-)

    I guess you guys are having loads of fun trying to sort out Dutch shopping lists.

    • Would be great when Dutch barcodes are recognised.

  7. Oh, and to add to Claudiu’s comment: a web service that allows access to our shopping list would be da bomb.

  8. NYC shopper permalink

    I mentioned this in a help ticket thingy, but if shopping list items purchased (marked done) could automatically be added to or updates the quantity of items in the pantry lists, that would be so wonderful! It would help keep the pantry list up to date!

    • Me too!!! I saw the link for the support page, I’m putting it there.

    • Suzanne permalink

      Count me in for wanting that, too!

    • YES! This is why I don’t use the pantry list. No time to keep it up to date. Would be great to have pantry list updated when you purchase and what you purchased. My husband works out of town during the week and I often send him lists so he can pick up stuff on the way home. Would be great when not actually at the house to check the pantry, if we could check the actual pantry virtually. So yeah, update the pantry when you buy something with the date you purchased it so yo know if you just got it last time you shopped or 2 months ago.

    • I have to agree, the pantry list and shopping list should SYNC somehow! Not fun having to manually update the pantry list everytime I go grocery shopping… and if I add something to the grocery list it should ask me if we are out of that item or something, and adjust the pantry list accordingly!

    • Tim permalink

      I’d like this as well

  9. I need an extensive “how to” page – - this stuff is not intuitive for me! For example, how do I name my list by store? I need a list named Kroger, Whole Foods, etc. Went to settings expecting to see a “name list” choice. Nope. Clicked at top of list to name it: nothing. Gave up. Next, need to add brazil nuts and almonds to your existing list. How do I do that. Gave up and went to a plain list-maker app. I use android Jellybean 4.2 on my Nexus 7 tablet. Help?!

    • P. S. No video, please. Just directions. Video takes too long.

  10. Jake permalink

    How does your company monetize? Is it through licensing agreements with the supermarkets or coupon royalties?

    • peter permalink

      This is a question I asked before signing up. I believe it was Chase who assured me that my shopping information, as connected to me, will not be sold or rented. Rather, the monetization hope appears to be through the form of advertising that is the “grocery deals.”

      BTW, those are actually provided by a third party to whom you can subscribe outside of OOM, so I’m not entirely sure how fast this is going to make the founders into billionaires.

  11. JKKOfWGW permalink

    I love this app! I have entered numerous kinds of lists and it is so convenient to add an item when I come across it instead of trying to remember to put it on a list when I get home. I use it for travel, personal and work as well as shopping. The store deals/shopping lists/pantry interface is great. As soon as I pick something up in the store, I can immediately move it into my pantry (or refrigerator as I have set up as a “pantry”). When I use up something from my “pantry”, I can immediately move it to my shopping list. I shop at different stores so I can go through the Deals and move items to my lists. I can also indicate if I have a coupon to use so I don’t forget when I’m in the store. I don’t use the costs function so I don’t know what I’m going to need to spend, but that could be helpful for some people who are better at budgeting. Nice job!

  12. Bruce permalink

    I convinced a friend to get out of milk. They created one list and it worked fine. So they created another and added items. they can’t mark items acquired on the second list. They are doing everything from Iphone 4s. Any ideas?

  13. Jenn permalink

    I’d like to see in the quantity section, to be able to type in something of my own instead of having to use the drop-down list

  14. Becky permalink

    I love Out of Milk, and recently paid for Pro.

    Other commenters have made some great suggestions. A more robust to-do list would be great. A way to star or highlight certain items = awesome.

    I’d like to be able to keep track of exact amounts of items in the pantry. Now, if I purchase and scan a case of 12 cans of tomato sauce, I have to fiddle around to add that to the 3 cans leftover from the last time I went to Costco. I’d like to be able to track the number of individual items in a case more easily….

    But for just $1.99, you have already provided me with an enormous convenience. This is the best app I’ve ever bought!

  15. Sam permalink


    I did post this message in another thread…then found this one, sorry for the duplication.

    A feature request (sorry if this is the wrong place), I already have a toodledo account, been using it for over two years, any chance of linking OOM to-do with toodledo? At least for ‘shared’ lists?

    • Sam,

      I don’t know if we can link with Tooledo, but we can definitely take a look at it.

  16. Gene permalink

    I’d like a way to set up quick add lists. For example if I want to make one of my recipes I’d like to be able to add all of the ingredients in just a couple of taps.

    OOM is a great app!

    Thank You!

    • Gene,

      This is similar to something we have in the works… we’ll be posting updates as we move forward with these new features ;)

  17. Pete permalink

    There’re a few improvements that might help alleviate privacy concerns like those aired by “Withheld”.

    First, the words “privacy policy” in the terms-of-service could be a hyperlink, not just underlined text. Those words currently look like a dead or broken link, which might imply that there’s something being hidden.

    Second, the Privacy Policy, while laudably short, only addresses the website. It should be enhanced to cover the mobile app. Further, the policy currently contains statements such as “will not obtain personally-identifying information” which obviously can’t and don’t hold for the mobile app and the web-based service. It appears as if the policy was written for the company marketing website, and not for the Out-of-Milk app/service.

    The policy is also silent on the use of shopping list content. In particular, it promises nothing like Paul’s statement above that “the information is completely and 100% anonymous”. It’s reasonable for the company to use the data in aggregate (which is what I suspect is was Paul’s meant), but if that is the intent then the policy should contain language to that effect. One example of reasonable policy in this area is the privacy policy at

  18. Sam permalink

    Just letting you know that I am uninstalling the application off my Android. I already said why on FB. The scanner went through 50 items in my Aussie pantry and did not recognise a single one of them. Woolworth stuff. So you expect me to enter them one by one? Really? I can do these things using (a) pen and paper or (b) the hundred plus other ToDo list application that exist in cyberspace. Nice try – make it work, though. More presence on social media than work into the app.

    Sam Berner
    (Who has been using technology when your mums were buying you milk – without an app)

  19. peter permalink

    This blog needs date stamps on the comments.

    • Christine permalink

      Herehere a must. Trying to analyze this product annd have no idea how long these posts have been out here or how long its take the organization to respond to the suggested updates

    • I agree, please add date stamps! This is from 12/20/13…

  20. peter permalink

    A comment about feature requests. Please do not add infinite features per the requests of millions. Just keep it simple and make it more usable, intuitive, and streamlined. I’ve sent you various suggestions in that vein through the support channels. If you add infinite features you will end up bogged down in infinite support problems.

  21. Jay permalink

    Excellent app. I especially like the ability to share a list. The only issue I have is with the “Grocery Deals”. I get a lot of “deals” from a store which is about a 3 hour drive from me. Is there a way to eliminate it from the list?

  22. Kristin permalink

    I am delighted with this app, and I only just started using it.

    I could use a feature for items in my pantry lists – expiration dates – and a feature to alert when the item is reaching the date.

    • Leona permalink

      This is exactly what I came here to say. As it stands I’ve been putting “Use by October 10th!!” in all of my expirables’ descriptions. It’d be great if I didn’t have to check for them periodically because I could get notified…and you’d think it wouldn’t be hard to add, since there’s already reminders for the to-do list, and it wouldn’t have to clog up the app because it could be in the additional options. Really guys, it’d be great!

  23. Joe permalink

    Awesome app, thanks! Just upgraded to Pro. Can I make a request? Please allow a way in Settings to remove the “check off” blocks from the list. One thing I liked about a previous version was that it had no check blocks. I often accidentally touch them when shopping and it removes the items from my list without me purchasing them. The long tap only option prevents this but it is not an option I can choose currently. Thanks again!

  24. Lee permalink

    Love the app…I have a question and a comment / request.

    #1 request – can you modify the search so that you can clear the search box quickly without having to backspace the previous search out and start all over? More times than I can remember I have tried to search for something and have to waste time clearing it out…it would be sweet if you could just have a X on the right side to clear the search and then start typing.

    #2 comment – how come some of the deals you have listed don’t go into detail on what the size restrictions are for a given deal? Example, cereal…you would show a deal for cereal at a certain price but then it doesn’t list the size that the coupon is good for making it useless to me…ESPECIALLY if you are using this to price match.

    It would save me tons of time if that info would also carry over into the actual list when I select an item…sometimes it will show in the ‘deals’ section but when I put that item into my list I lose that detail and again it makes it useless once I get to the store…to me that is the whole point of the deal is so I have the details on knowing which item to actually pick.

    If I am missing something obvious please let me know…if not please add that functionality!

    Lastly, when you are online and want to print the list…is it too much to ask to add an option to order the list by area (meats, produce, fruits, etc?)

    Thanks for a nearly perfect app!


    • I would like this option too. It can be fiddly dragging list categories around on the mobile sometimes. To be able to order by list category would be awesome.

  25. CWise permalink

    I just discovered this app today, and I think it’s going to be a big help!
    My only problem so far is that, even though I entered my zip code, the Grocery Deals keeps showing specials from Lowe’s Foods. There are no Lowe’s stores anywhere near here; in fact, I don’t think they operate in Virginia. I see that I can filter by store name on the web site, but I didn’t see a way to do that on my phone.


  26. Draco nobilis permalink

    I’m new to OOM so just setting up & finding it very frustrating to have to put the category and tax status of each individual item separately. Could you make it possible to change the category and tax status on multiple items at the same time?
    Also… Maybe have a category as something that stays with the item whichever list it is on but an “aisle” or “location” that is specific to the item on that list so that I can put it on a list for one shop and have the aisle it’s on in that shop but if I put it on a list for a different shop it comes up with the location in that shop.
    Finally… Can you improve your barcode reader so that it recognises products in the UK too please? When you register you have to input your country but then the barcode reader either comes up with the wrong product for the UK or doesn’t come up with anything.

  27. Jeff permalink

    v4.04 is a disaster for me. Intuitively backward way to much needed. I started using because it gave an easy to use list on phone. Could put all items on list commonly purchased items could be simply moved back and forth by checking on or off. Now I have to access website as only way to remove 1 time purchases. In the cart concept seems stupid. I was ready to convert from free to pro just to support. But version 4 has me looking for another simple option.

  28. Would be nice to be able to go to the pantry and see you need to add something to the shopping list then basically order it from the pantry and have it associate to a shopping list automatically.

    So instead of using a copy or move function you might have an order function.

    This Order function would come up with a window showing you;
    Which default shopping list it will got and be changeable.
    Ask you how many you want.
    Allow you to change the price if necessary.
    Possibly even add notes for this item.

    All this input information would be saved back to the item in the pantry along with added to the shopping list.

  29. Another nice feature to have would be a shopping update feature.

    The idea of this feature would be while you are shopping you update an item in the shopping list for example the price and it will also update the pantry.

    This feature might also include that when you mark an item as complete it will update your inventory to whatever you currently have in the pantry list plus what you just bought

  30. Shawna permalink

    Will there be other stores added? Where I live there’s a Dollar General – can you add that store to your list of “Grocery Deals” as well?

  31. Kelly permalink

    Please Please make this app for Blackberry. I just recently switched back to Blackberry (which I love) but desparately miss Out of Milk that I used daily on my Android phone.

  32. Matt permalink

    I submitted a ticket with a feature request, but then I found this blog and decided I would also put it out the for other users.

    Please consider allowing an item to be added to multiple lists and categories using checkboxes rather than dropdowns. I have separate lists for Groceries, Hardware and Miscellaneous, but a given item might be available in more than one. Being able to see items in more than one list might lessen the chance of overlooking something.

    I use a Category to identify the store at which I am more likely to buy the item. If which store doesn’t matter, I don’t select a category. I’m generally happy with a single category selection, but multiples might work here for some people as well.

    (Support folks, sorry I used the word “category” in my ticket. I meant “list”.)

  33. Laila permalink

    Like the app a lot, however, it really would be nice when I’ve bought my items and clear the shopping list, the pantry lists got updated with the items bought. The copy function is just too much fuss after shopping. I like the pantry lists to contain what I want to have in stock at all times and like to check those when do the shopping lists. If I’m out of a product I forget to add it.

    Another nice function I would like is to have more than one ean code for a product, as different brands may cost / taste the same, so it doesn’t matter what kind I buy. Like sugar or flour. Same price (more or less) and what brand doesn’t matter, but if I have stored it with one ean code, I end up with 2 equal items in the system. As it is now it may not matter that much, but if my first suggestion was implemented it may matter.

    I would use the app a lot more if the first suggestion was implemented.

  34. Michelle permalink

    It’d be awesome if we had an option to move the box to check off an item to the right hand side. Some of us are using OOM on large phones (Galaxy SIII in my case) and can’t reach the boxes with our thumbs when using the app right handed. The long press alternative to complete an item is annoying.

    While you’re at it, can you make the checkboxes bigger too?

  35. David permalink

    I far from use all the features. I simply use the web interface to input my list then my smartphone to have the list with me when I shop. So I guess you could say I am a minimalist. As to privacy concerns for me no big issue here as my list is pretty generic.
    I like the simplicity of use.

  36. Kathleen permalink

    Not sure how else to find an answer. I just began using OOM and was thrilled to find the local deals function. I thought it could replace my study of the Wed. Grocery sale ads but I found that this week, OOM didn’t pull all the stores on Wed. Thurs it had pulled most stores but a few were still not included.these are stores that publish a flyer every week in the Wed paper, not places like the drugstores. So I wonder, is this typical? Does OOM normally pull all the big name store deals on Wed?

    Another concern is that the store deals that were pulled did not include all their sale items. For example, Basha’s had fresh mushrooms in their sale yet OOM did not pull that item. Same with Albertsons, they had wild Sockeye salmon but it wasn’t in OOM. Are the exclusions anomalies or typical? …… hoping these are glitches and not usual, really love this app but these would be major limiting factors.

  37. Andy Lavarre permalink

    Hi, great app. I’ve compared it to several, and it’s the best.

    I love managing, renaming lists. I would like to be able to add measures, however. For example, add can, box, whatever. Also would be great to add prices to existing items in a batch mode.

    Presumably this is built on a relational database, so there must be a table for items, for units, for categories, etc.

    Is this doable now or in future?

    Thanks again, Andy

  38. Annette permalink

    I use Out of Milk because my husband, kids, and I can all input items for the shopping list from different devices. I’ve never learned how to juggle my phone and a shopping cart, so I usually print out my list. I have a couple of beefs with the printed format:

    1. It doesn’t show the prices I input.
    2. It takes so much space – sometimes my printout is 3 pages long. Could you shrink the categories to a smaller font to take up less space?

  39. Peter permalink


    Thanks for the app. We do use it every day!
    My question: Are there plans to make a Dutch translation ?

    Kind regards,


  40. Mark permalink

    Two days ago, I created a new pantry list for myself, and put the items
    that are specific to me (versus family) and added things like my deodorant,
    shaving cream, etc. Now, I’ve logged in to your website and I find
    the new category, but not the items I put in it. Do I have a
    misunderstanding of how the sync function works?


    • Dan permalink

      My understanding is that when the app updates (at least for myself), I have to choose to have it auto sync in settings. My wife and i use this back and forth and have problems from time to time, I also use the website link to add and sync to my phone. I would check the settings on your app to see what they are set for. That may help.

  41. Martin Gateshill permalink

    What have you done !!

    This app is now a nightmare to use :(

    Prior to the update I had a list, when I put something in my trolley a long press struck it thru, next time I shopped, a long press on the same list UN struck thru all the items I needed.

    Now ? I have to come to the web site to do all that ?

    On the web site – every time i add something from history, I get a confirmation, which I have to ok then it takes me back to the TOP of my history, so I have to scroll all the way down to where I was.

    How is this progress ?

    Who on earth signed off on this for release. You are over complicating and ruining a good little app that did its job simply and well.

    Please tell me how I can roll back to the previous version on my Android phone as this version is now useless to me :(

    I regret buying this now and I deeply regret telling friends and family how good OOM was :(

  42. Sean permalink

    Any plans for a Windows Store version? I used this on Android, but have switched to Windows.

  43. Amanda permalink

    I would like to have a compare option. I have about 3 grocery stores locally that I like to shop at and I would like to be able to have an option to see prices for similar items side by side or listed together.

    Just a general irritation I’m finding now is I’m trying to sort of do my shopping/price comparison at home, either online or through the store apps, but aside from store’s specials there isn’t a way to see the price of an item I’m interested in. Mayhaps there’s a way to incorporate that into OOM? I know EVERYTHING is electronic these days and we’ve all seen people scanning barcodes as they stock items, I would love to be able to sort through the products online rather than having to go to three different stores to find out which one has the better priced product.

  44. This Shopping List Generation App by (c) CapiGami, is AWESOME! Finally I find a genuine good purpose to use a cell phone for that is more convenient that it’s FULL VERSION computer software counterpart. When I am in “Teddy Crocker Mode”, as I always am, I deplete ingredients daily. So, when it’s time to shop, sometimes I actually need to make a list of needed seasonings, sauces, dressings, etc. The #1 benefit of this app is that it can use your cell phone’s camera to scan the item’s UPC code and will build the list automatically for you. Of all items I’ve just scanned this morning, only my Pops Weaver Popcorn, scanned incorrectly, showing me a PRESS BOX PASS for a NASCAR Driver, instead of the title of the Popcorn. NOT BAD HUH? for 1 of several items, was it necessary to manually type in or speak in the list item’s title. Other options available in this app are TO DO LIST, PANTRY LIST, and LOCAL GROCERY DEALS, the latter of which, will send an alert to your phone when GPS places you near a grocery store that offers discounts on any of your included shopping list items. With over 10,000 users, it is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web platforms. Teddy Tech rates this app 5 of 5 stars!

  45. Khalid permalink

    Hey!, I love the app but I think it needs to be more of a household budget planner rather than just an electronic shopping list(a rather good one!). for example I would love to see the following:

    1. A way to get the total cost of products by Category i.e how much have I spent on Fruit and Veg this month

    2. a. A way of comparing prices between different super markets which would require an additional drop down box for supermarkets in the product edit page

    b. A way of getting total expenditure per Supermarket

    3.A way of comparing monthly expenditures , preferably in a nice little graph.

    Hope you guys can add these features in your future versions.

    Keep up the good work

  46. Forgetful Mom permalink

    I think being able to add a “dinner idea” list would be nice. Then you might be able to add basic ingredients to each dinner idea so you know what you need to shop for. Example – A “dinner idea” I could create would be Chili. Then I would enter the ingredients I use for Chili (ex., tomatoes, celery, etc) and save it for the next time I want to make Chili. Then when you want to make this “dinner idea” you could click on “Chili” and below it are the items you need for the recipe. If you need items you can click it and it transfers to the shopping list. I hope this makes sense. There are so many times I am sitting at work and trying to think of something for dinner and when i finally decide I can never remember what is all in it. It never fails on the busiiest days when I get home I always seem to be missing one item. It is very very frustrating when this happens expecially when you are a single mom with two kids in multiple activiites and trying to make dinner on the fly.

  47. I like this app & use it all the time, however, when I go to manage product history on my phone or my kindle, it will not scroll, so I can’t see all of my product history.. I can only get a very small portion. When I go to it on my computer, there is a scrolling bar.

  48. What is on my list…..mostly organic :)

  49. C H Mckenzie permalink

    I L♥ve OOM, my Daughter told me about it, and I’ve been using it for about 3 months. I’m a single lady ( now) shop weekly, and am a pretty simple basic cook. PULEEZE don’t get OOM all wound up with links for this and that and make it go left and right, turn purple and go beep beep, like many of the above posters have commented on !! Remember the acronym your Mom showed you ? “KISS” ( Keep it Simple Sherlock !) don’t go re-inventing the wheel !!

    • Dan permalink

      Thank you I agree. perhaps any newer changes could be applied to the computer version on the website, and keep the app itself simplified.

  50. I don’t really mind all the new bugs you introduce whenever you improve oom, or the old bugs that you never quite get around to fixing. But what I would really like is if you could add a feature that would keep track of my psychiatrist appointments for me. It would also be helpful if there were a way that oom could help me open those jars I buy in the store where I can’t get the lid off. Maybe you could include a feature that uses my smartphone’s x-ray beam to loosen the lids? That would be really great.

    • My bus schedule: could you help me keep track of that too? Oh, and make sure to notify me when the bus is running late so I can take my time getting to the bus stop on those days? Thanks!

      Other than that, OOM is the best app for my purposes.


  51. Bob permalink

    Your app is alllllllllmost what I’m looking for.

    What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators. :)

    Once I have a good play with it I’ll drop a note to support cuz I’ma findin’ some bugs yo. And I’ve only had it installed for about 30mins.

    I would love to see some UPC luvin for products in Australia though. Of 10 common shelf items I scanned, I got 1 result.

  52. Dominik permalink

    Another very useful function would be check boxes so that rather than doing an action on each item (which can take time), we could select a number of items then do one action (for example copy or delete or edit category). This would save us a lot of time.

  53. Dan permalink

    We love this app, I first introduced my wife to it a couple years ago, so her and I could sync lists as I am out at the store. I have found that the sync does not always go through however. Could be a few reasons, not related to your app also. I love the website. So as I am at my computer I can update lists with ease. The new feature I have been trying to use more often is the to do lists. This makes it easier for me to keep track of things needing to be done without needing to carry around a notebook, it is all on my phone or computer. My only concern is if we lose power, than I may not be able to access the lists…so my thought was (and perhaps this is already available) IS to have a print option in your app. If there was a way to print off a particular list in any of the categories of lists.. food pantry, to do lists, grocery etc. It would be easier for me to keep one hanging on the fridge or my office to make a quick glance of what has been done and not done, without logging in to my computer or searching on my phone. Just a thought.

    • Dan permalink

      Never mind, I found the print button. I am not sure if you can adjust the font size at all, I had to fiddle with my printers options to print in a larger font. However, It is awesome. I like how when printing a to-do-list, it includes your notes. Very useful. Thanks

  54. David Russell permalink

    I like this app a lot, but since the last update, everytime I drive by a store the deal alerts blow up my phone making it vibrate non-stop. I think I am getting a call and go to answer it only to find it is downloading deals. Is there anyway to shut this alert off? It did not behave this way before the last update, but I can’t find a way to turn the alerts off. I like the fact that deals come in, but I don;t want to know about it as I drive around. This is incredibly annoying to me, as I receive many important telephone calls and drive a lot.

    I don’t want to disable the GPS on my phone. There must be another answer.

  55. chg carol permalink

    Really like the store sales area. And the coordination by using my laptop and my phone. But the brower site is pretty slow. I push on a button to chose and item, and I have to continue chosing the shopping list i want the item to go to. Could you make it so i can pick a store as default. Also, once I pick the store, another box pops up telling me it worked and I have to confirm that in order to get back to shopping. These two pop up boxes are unnessesary, so if you would fix it, that would be wonderful.

  56. Tracy Talbott permalink

    It would be really nice if the “manage products history” was an actual page instead of a pop-up windows. On top of that, I would like to have it so that EVERY category you have is listed, so you can drag and drop to organize and sort. Would be much, much easier. Trying to go through and manage my product history is rather clunky – especially if I go through and do a clean up (I accidentally add something with a typo, fix the typo, now I have the correct product AND the typo-product, delete the typo-product aaand… it comes back.)

  57. Marilyn permalink

    It would be great if you either would do a recipe thing and meal planner based on what’s in our pantry or shopping list. Maybe you could link with or something.

  58. Brett permalink

    I, too, would like to see a Windows Phone version. As Pro users, it was my wife and I’s most-used app. With me recently switching to WP8 (and her staying on Android for at least now), we can’t use it anymore.

    The cross-platform options for shopping lists that are in WP8 (as well as Android and iPhone) are few and far between … seems like a market ready for you guys to take by storm!

  59. Jarrod Smith permalink

    On May 28 you (OoM Paul) wrote:

    “Then… it hit us. It hit us right in the face. We have a blog and we’ve barely been using it! Blogs are designed to keep people talking and we haven’t been using it at all, and that changes today!”

    It’s November 15 : ) Do you plan new posts/updates?

  60. Jeff permalink

    Is there a way to catorigize the items in the pantry list or does every item just go under one name? Love the app and use it with my wife a lot!



  61. Denyse permalink

    Love, love, LOVE this app! Made a few failed attempts to organize what I get from where. The scan feature is the balm! This seems to have every function I needed– and more than I thought I needed. Awesome. Thank you!!

    • Denyse permalink

      NOTE: Failed attempts were with other apps– primarily note-type apps…

  62. Brian permalink

    How do you search for items in a pantry list?

  63. SAO permalink

    I use OOM for all sorts of lists, like packing lists and I’d like to be able to say I’ve packed 4 out of 5 pairs of socks, rather than having the check refer to all of an item regardless of quantity.

  64. Jeff permalink

    I know many stores have info on their receipts about products bought in the form of a bar code. Is there a way that we can use our phone to read this code so that we can up load what products we had just bought instead of having to read each individule one.

    • Jeff permalink

      Another question is there a way to sync this with a recipe app so that after I make a meal it can take away from my inventory. I know it won’t be exact at the end of the week but at least it will give me an idea.

  65. some new guy permalink

    i just installed the android version of this app and it immediately became clear to me that this is only good when used with only the most common brands so if you have a store that carries other than big national brands the scanning feature is useless and who wants to type out every, or nearly every, item on the list? i may as well just write one out on a piece of paper like we’ve been doing for hundreds of years.
    it’s a great idea but your database seems sorely limited.

    you may want to add the ability for users to add items to your database, i’m sure there are those out there that enjoy that sort of thing.

    for now i will be uninstalling the app, maybe i’ll look at it again in a year, maybe i’ll find one with a more complete item list, who knows…

    • Cooks tips permalink

      Yes but unlike a bit of paper you only have to do each item once and it’s there for future use. Also once you start adding items many popular ones come up as suggestions for you to choose

  66. Amy permalink

    Now that I’ve given the free app a try, I’m thinking of moving to the paid app. I have a concern; I noticed on one of the reviews that one user lost all of her lists when she “upgraded”. Is this going to happen if I upgrade to the paid app? I’ve not put a lot of lists together, but I do hate to lose what work I’ve done. Will the lists I’ve created automatically move to the pro app if I buy & install it? Thanks so much!

  67. Chris permalink

    Love the app.

    I did have one problem with it today. One of my local stores had a sale, it was 10 pizzas for $10. I added it to my shopping list, and the app assumed the price was $10. There should be some kind of dialog there, because I actually wanted 6 pizzas, and paid $6 for them. I know some of those sales require you to buy the amount, like 4 for $10, must buy 4. So I don’t know the best way to tell you how to fix this, but ya’ll are the smart ones. :)


  68. Carlos permalink

    I use the Android Pro version.
    One thing you have to change is where the dot be when you put a price into one product.
    To use “.” we have to press “sym” than back to numbers, in most of products we have to use “.” so it will be very better and easy if the “.” be with the numbers!

    Thank you,

  69. Wonderful post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?

    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further.
    Appreciate it!

  70. just me permalink

    If this has been posted, please excuse me for the repeat. We live in a rural location. The sales tax rate at the stores in the closest small town are one rate. The tax rate in the next town is a different rate and the tax rates in the two biggest towns are each still different rates. I only saw a place to enter one tax rate. I am on disability and we operate on a very tight budget, so I have to know exactly what has been spent, etc. Is there a way to enter different tax rates? Thanks!

  71. Cooks tips permalink

    Have been using this a while but for first time checked out the knowledge base when i had problems switching to mac devices and have changed how I use it as a result. I used to have several pantry list vegetables & fruit, meat and fish, store cupboard, household etc. and I then copied items to my shopping list and just added or deleted as necessary. But now I have switched to a single pantry list Essentials and set up categories to organise and sort items which is easy to use once you get into the habit. I’m going to try the suggested method of moving items to the shopping list and then moving them back out of my checkout list. I may set up an occasional pantry list as well for things I don’t often buy. I merged all my pantry lists by moving all the items from each one into the new master list and deleting the empty list. Categories are great as they organise your list for you and if you make them logical for how shops organise products you can then rearrange the list categories to match your store layout!

    Would like a single click option to copy lists. You could then organise them for each store layout. Will have to create an empty list and then open the full list and copy items this way which is a little long winded.

    Just need a better app interface on my iPad have found I have to use my online account if I want the benefit of my larger screen size which is fine when I’m home on wifi.

    Keep up good work. A starting list of categories we could edit would speed things up too.

  72. 2014/2/27
    Love the app, if possible I’d like to have a simple calender that I could use with the to-do list.

  73. Jen permalink

    A windows phone 8 version please.

  74. Cheryl permalink

    I would love to be able to mix OOM and a menu planning site (can email me for the name if you want, didn’t think you wanted it posted). The other is my absolute favorite way to plan out our meals, and then I type everything into OOM to go shopping. If you two could just get married and have a nice baby of your combined awesomeness, I would be ecstatic!

  75. Bob permalink

    Can I update the history list – delete items? Maybe even edit individual items like on the shopping list? Then I could sit down and edit the categories, etc. without having to call them to the shopping list, edit them, and then show them purchased. (bet that helps your stats right?)
    In the account, when I put in a zip code, can I put in a radius or preferred shopping zip code so I can get/limit deals from neighboring towns? Also delete stores I don’t use? Sync between my phone and my wife’s phone seems to take too long. Being able to choose an interval would help ( in account) so we could shorten it. We split up in a grocery store and rely on the sync to keep us from duplicating grabbing things. Don’t always work due to the delay. Other than that, this is the most used app on my phone. Love it!

  76. Mike permalink


    For the Pantry lists can we please have a “Location” field in addition to the Category field?

    This will allow me to go to my Meats category, and see which items are stored in Freezer 1 and which items are in Freezer 2, Garage Fridge, Main Fridge, Upstairs Cupboard, etc.

    ..Oh, and we still need those dates posted. This one is 11 March 2014.


  77. David permalink

    I use this app regularly and find very useful ( Pro).
    Please could you support multi-window on Samsung devices (Google does). It would be helpful when making lists of ingredients from recipes.

    I would also like to request date stamps on posts.

  78. Dave permalink

    The Pantry List type is much too useful to just use it for items in the pantry. I have this problem where I see a book by one of my favourite authors, can’t remember the story from the blurb on the back, and have to buy it, just in case. Of course when I get home, I already have that book (and in one case, already had two copies of the book. Anyone like Lee Child?).
    So I have started creating pantry lists for authors, so when I see a book I can look it up and see if I already have it. I also do this for DVDs, TV episodes and upcoming movies.
    Of course, the pantry list type isn’t ideal for this, so could you add to your ToDo list (or my wish list) to add a basic list, or a book list or a DVD list or a tv show list or an upcoming movie list or something, keeping the Category and Notes but losing all the other stuff.

  79. Dana permalink

    I love this app sooo much! I wish I could get others to check it out and use it! I used it for my Christmas shopping this year. I love it for day to day things. I really love the fact that I can access it online, as I find it easier to make my list using the computer and a regular keyboard lol. The coupons and savings are a great addition as well and you have a wonderful list of stores! Thank you for this app!!!

  80. Ric permalink

    Posting this on March 23, 2014. I include that because the blog admins have decided to not turn on display of dates and it’s very hard to tell where you are in the time line.

    My comment to this post is “Well, so much for the vow to increase communication with your customers. There hasn’t been a blog post in about 10 months now and this last post is pretty much useless.”

    I’ve been a Pro user for several years now. This used to be a solid service with a solid app. It’s so sad to watch helplessly as it declines into ruin and obscurity.

  81. Ely permalink

    I asked last may for expiry dates in pantry list and was told it was already on the cards and the support request was closed. Nearly one year on it is still not materialised. I think knowing when your stored food expires is very important and I would not want to have to source yet another app.

  82. Am using My Fitness Pal (MFP) and Fitbit sites. They are, I believe, done by different companies, but have established an interface.

    It would be nice to have a similar interface with Out of Milk.

    Out of Milk could bring to MFP what seems to be a powerful shopping list capability and they can bring to you their food extensive customer tailored food database and their extensive customer base.

    BTW, GREAT bar code reader on the Android!!

  83. SuggsFam permalink

    Well, I just downloaded this app for one of my devices. Thinking it will be useful, but concerned because the last blog was a year ago…..Is there still work on this app and support? Just curious as to whether or not I should keep this app, if it’s even up to date, or what the future of this app really is…..Hoping for the Best!

  84. Caroline Beaton permalink

    Hi! I would love to leave multiple notes under EACH category/item–perhaps even notes that could be labeled (ex. category: snacks; item: chips; comments/notes 1) Gina likes lays 2) Fred like the organic kind 3) Don’t forget to buy the variety pack of x). Is this possible/something you’re interested in creating? Thanks for the great, simple-to-use app!

  85. Tim permalink

    Features needed:
    - Default setting for Qty instead of amount
    - Auto-increment qty after bar-code scan
    - sub-categories
    - reporting ala Quicken-style (similar need for searching)
    - Rapid bar code mode – this feature would have the bar-code scanner stay on so when doing inventory I can grab an item and scan, grab and scan. Not grab, turn on barcode, scan. The extra step slows me down.
    - Export – everything into 1 file, not export by list.

  86. Tanya permalink

    The grocery deals from my local vons says I have to have a coupon for the deal I want, but I cannot find out where to get the coupon from. Where do you get the deals information?

  87. I love the app….use it constantly.

    Just tried to sign in the the standard site at work and I can’t because it says to use FB.

    Not everyone can access FB from work. just sayin

    Minor fail.

    great job otherwise though.

  88. Andrea permalink

    Being able to edit the quantities would be great, not everyone in the world has gallons and cans…. Milk here comes in pints, not litres. :)
    Also it would make life so much easier, instead of having to ‘edit’ an item to get it from pantry to list and vice versa, just clicking and dragging it over.
    And to have a page/list with all items that are registered, to edit these… on the computer I have the item history, but on my mobile?

  89. Marianne permalink

    I would love to see the possibility to have a meal planner here so that I can use one app to plan the meals for the week and add the things I need to buy

  90. Linda permalink

    I love this app it makes it so easy to get in and get out of the store and when you live in a big city that is the only way to do things.

    One idea I think would be good is if we had a way to make recipes and the ingredents would pull up on a desanted list

  91. Leah permalink

    My husband just moved me into a windows phone (Nokia Lumia 1020). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an app for windows 8.0 mobile. There are hardly any of my old apps available and I seriously miss out of milk. I can pin the website to my start menu but its too small and frustrating to use efficiently.
    thanks in advance! Please email me when you have one available :)

  92. Mike Sargent permalink

    I would like to see when my number menu comes up on my phone, the decimal point is also there. it would help sooooooo much! thanks

  93. Richard Taylor permalink

    I haven’t read through all the posts, and this might have already come up, but here goes.

    In my area the sales tax structure is a real pain, there are state, county and city sales taxes & they vary form location to location, if you could add some extra choices for sales tax, it would make the accuracy of the lists much better. even within the same store, there are different tax structures for different items, ie. food & non food items.

  94. Sandra permalink

    I don’t normally go onto the website to adjust my lists..however I’ve had to make some adjustments and stumbled upon this feedback section.
    This app is just what I’ve been looking for and have used it for years now.

    One thing I find annoying is that when I change the prices in the Pantry lists, it does not update the prices in the “shopping lists”. I’m not sure if this is available in the pro version, but it does not appear to be in the free version.

    Could you please let me know if this is able to be done in one step?
    Thanks guys your awesome……

  95. Ben permalink

    Just started playing around with OOM. Just some initial surface thoughts.

    UPC database.

    Still use Google’s UPC search initially, but also have a database of items that adds community usage into the equation and builds a database as the app is used.

    When somebody scans an item it gets added. If they rename it, it goes into a related table for aliases with usage counts.

    When you add the same code, the alias table is referenced to display suggested renames.

    Add store field to the products, whether shopping or pantry.

    Desktop site support for barcode reader devices.

    Enable a setting for a price pop up when crossing off an item (can be enabled, disabled by default).

    Enter a store mode when you go to a shopping list and when you cross off an item the product history shows the store you were at.

    Premium feature – download existing community database into OoM so you can pick and select instead of entering all your items manually.

    Premium feature – family account using an account name and p/w not an e-mail address, can be tied to multiple e-mail addresses. Auto sync between devices associated with the family account.

  96. Marie Shively permalink

    I created a to-do listing and entered all of my meds with the name, dosage and when I take them. Now when I go to the doctors office, they take my phone and update their notes. A simple list for that seems like it would be fairly easy to build. Putting in prescribing doctors name would be helpful as well.

    • While that’s a good idea, and what you do with your own medical data is your business, if OOM implemented and tried to market your idea they would be subject to a whole raft of Federal regulations about medical data, and would expose themselves to all sorts of liability, so unfortunatley it’s something they should not touch with a 10-foot pole.

  97. Carlo permalink

    Great app, but how about some priority levels for lists and to-dos? I’d like to be able to add a priority (say 1 to 3, or high to low) to each item in a list or to-do, and then sort by that priority. Even better if the app could pull all the items from all the lists together by priority, so I can quickly see what needs to be done next, what can wait.

  98. Jim permalink

    Is there any plan to supporting recurring/scheduled purchases?

    I have things that should be replaced on a regular schedule; HVAC filter, ice maker filter, batteries for the smoke detectors, etc.

    It would be nice to have an item automatically added to my shopping list after some interval, e.g. HVAC filter every 3 months, water filter every 6-months, smoke detector batteries yearly.

    This would make it much easier to track specific part numbers and maintenance schedules.

  99. Would you guys consider implementing text readers? I’d like to use the app my s4 has to read catalog items.

  100. Donna permalink

    Very helpful app.

    I was disappointed to find that the information I carefully stored under notes to help someone else shop for me was no longer there when I added the item to the list from history. It would be good to be able to store some additional information that stayed with the item.

    Also I think it should be a bit more difficult to move items and mark them as in cart. This happens accidentally much too often. Either a longer hold to cause these actions or a button to put the list into move mode or some such and probably just a longer touch for items in cart.

  101. Sharisa permalink

    Please develop the app for the Windows phone. I like my new windows phone, but miss the out of milk app. Thanks!

  102. Cheyanna permalink

    I love this app so far. The only complaint I have is that there isnt a location to plan out meals. I would love to see that feature added. I don’t need to store recipes just frequently made meals & ingredients then balancing out what was in my pantry with what was required to make the meal. That would be amazing!

  103. Paula permalink

    I love your app and use it all the time for all manner of things. I only have one suggestion. I recently found some checklists for my motorhome that I would like to be able to import into your app without having to type everything. Is there some way to do that? It would be great if so.

  104. Weight loss resistance can cause a lot of emotional turmoil.

  105. George Harrison permalink

    I use OOM often. It’s great – just what I was looking for. What I put in usually automatically goes into a category as if by magic. For example, stamps went into OFFICE – STATIONERY, yet I didn’t create that category, nor did I see it on my phone earlier. My wife also uses OOM, but her items don’t get categorized. We have no clue why. I was wondering if what I enter and move into a category helps create these automatic categories by crowdsourcing. Jan 13, 2015.

  106. kaley permalink

    Love oom, use it daily. im using version 4.3.2, and recently ive had new categories autogenerate with a tag that days “created by out of milk”. They contradict AND override the categories ive already created, and im umable to turn them off (they turn themselves back on when i try). This is extremely annoying and because of this, i jist made the first paper shopping list ive had in years. How do i stop this from happening? I dont want any of the categories “created by out of milk”

  107. Tim Dietz permalink

    Please, please, please give us an option to disable categorization in a list. Neither my wife nor I like this. It makes our lists unnecessarily long.

    Thank you.

  108. Megan permalink

    I love OOM; it is the best grocery app available. However, I seem to have made the running total disappear on the bottom of my shopping list. How do I get it back?
    Thank you.

  109. Amazing things here. I’m very satisfied to see your post.
    Thank you so much and I am taking a look forward to touch you.
    Will you please drop me a e-mail?

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