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Out of Milk 3.3 Is Out!

by Marvin on February 11th, 2013

We’re really excited to announce the reason for Out of Milk 3.3! It’s a big release and brings tons of new improvements. The biggest feature we’re announcing is the ability to browse and search deals and promotions in your zip code (available to U.S. users only right now). Now you can say goodbye to your paper circulars or all those store-specific apps you’ve got installed. This feature is available on both Android and Web. We’ll be releasing the same feature on iPhone in a little over a month. For now, iPhone users can login to the website to take advantage of this feature.

On top of the new deals feature, we’re happy to announce the following features:

Browse and search deals and promotions in your zip code (U.S. users only for now).

  • An enhanced autocomplete lets you add items on the fly. No typing necessary.
  • Opening a list is much faster
  • Added ability to undo certain actions. You can undo adding an item to a list using the instant auto-complete and undo marking an item as done.
  • Notes are always visible
  • Newly designed Category Management screen
  • Enabled lockscreen widget for devices running Android 4.2 and up
  • Easier login using Google Accounts. You won’t need to type in your username or password. This requires a phone with Google’s Play Store installed.
  • Ability to scan barcodes on devices with only a front-facing camera

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  1. Dawn permalink

    I went in to do my normal shopping list this morning after the upgrade and guess what? No Add from history, even when I went into the settings and checked it. Guess what else? After going through a list of a thousand items that I never put on my list and finding something I did put on a list, the category has been deleted. This upgrade is terrible. You shouldn’t have to go through and try to find your own groceries and then have to edit everything back to the way it was before. Totally disappointing and frustrating that it is now easier to write a list than go through a whole store list just to find what I need. Pre-update – I could go from my history, have my list done in 2 minutes. Post update – I have been working on this for 40 minutes and have given up. Either going to find another app or just write the list. Both are much faster.

    • Michelle permalink

      I have yet to hear from my request for help. I notified of a problem back in November/December.
      All of a sudden the app wouldn’t take an ad to my grocery list. I would ad it again, then again, and again…..and see NOTHING! My husband, we are linked, would see each entry of the same thing. We “fixed it” by deleting that list and REmaking it. So I have gone to writing the lists again. NOT EVEN USNG OUT OF MILK!
      I have refered friends and they use the app……(at least they used to)
      We have yet to try again.

  2. Dawn permalink

    OK…I am updating my post from earlier. After 2 days, my “add from history” has finally shown up on the list. I don’t know why it took so long to show up. Everything seems to be fine with it now. I am still a bit frustrated that I have spent so much time trying to update everything. Hopefully everything will be fine from here on out.

  3. MikeH permalink

    I don’t see how to update this app on my nook. The updated app doesn’t even seem to be in the Nook App store that i can find, just the older one.

    Can the Dev’s help here?

  4. John permalink

    I want to turn the deals icon off.

    I won’t use it. So it’s in the way.

    I did get curious to check it out, and the deals for my local store were expired anyway.

    It would be useful to turn off pantry and tasks as well. I paid for a shopping list and really just want that one feature.

    Perhaps the pro version could get this option. It really amounts to advertising, which I don’t want on paid apps.

  5. Rafael permalink

    Why I can search for a deal/promotion and can’t search for an item in my OWN task list????

  6. JB Peterson permalink

    Deal feature is a good idea, but poorly implemented. Most of the stores listed for my zip (77478) are nowhere close and one of the stores where I regularly shop, Randall’s, does not show up on the list.

  7. Lynn Buell permalink

    Love the app. The grocery thing isn’t working for me as it lists stores that don’t exist in my 67501 zip. Any help here???

    Oh, I love this app by the way!

  8. Curt permalink

    Deals needs to be adjusted so that it can be limited to select stores or matched to list and items you buy. Right now it is too ungainly to use.

    • JoanJet permalink

      If you scroll sideways on your phone app it lists all the stores individually so that you can go store by store. Since I only use 3 stores in the list on a regular basis it takes me just a few minutes to view everything relevant to me. That cuts the listings to go through by about a million if you go directly to the store you want to shop at.

  9. Jim permalink

    I have a suggestion for an new feature. My family shops at several different stores to find the best price. Could you add a store feature, similar to the categories, so we could compare prices between stores.

  10. out of date on amazon permalink

    Please update the version via Amazon. The larger (than phone) screen size of the Kindle Fire makes the shopping list much easier to read etc. Since I haven’t rooted it I’m locked into only using the Amazon apps so please update the app on Amazon as well.

  11. Kim permalink

    I appreciate the new Deals feature! I see that Costco is one of the stores in my area, but I’m a Sam’s member, not Costco. Would you consider adding Sam’s?

  12. Jennifer permalink

    Since the upgrade my grocery list is constantly being rearranged even after I drag and drop it into the order I want. How Do I Stop This Most Annoying Occurrence!?!

  13. Pam permalink

    I hate the recent update. I can no longer add categories and separate my list. I do not need this list that automatically pops up that is more time consuming to go through. I want the old version back. I purchased the pro version along with free app, but now I’m going to have to find a much user-friendly one. I can’t stand this one.

  14. Alex permalink

    Seriously, who needs Ajwan seeds, Ammonia and Anise every day! Why should they come on top of the list? Could you please count how often I enter milk or bread in my list and put those items on top?
    I like your app very much and I see some potential for improvement here.

  15. SueM permalink

    I have been using this app on Android for over two years, and you have done such an excellent job progressing it forward. I absolutely LOVE it and can’t live without it now! Being able to sync with a laptop is just perfect. Being able to set reminders in the To-Do list is wonderful as well. I’ve told many friends about it, too. Keep up the excellent quality. Superb!!

  16. SueM permalink

    i just read some of the previously written reviews and apparantly no one has figured out how to actually use the app. Shame, because it is really EASY if u take a few minutes and set up pantry lists, or use your history, or make your own catagories. Perhaps the “copy” in the Pantry list confuses people to use in order to put it from Pantry to Shopping List. Another word may end the confusion, i.e. “add to”.

  17. DanM permalink

    I love this app. I love that there is even a way for my wife, who has a windows phone, can use it in her web-browser. We share an account and it is a life saver. Hope the app continues to improve…Don’t be discouraged people ask for help if you need it.

  18. Hey,

    First of all, thanks for a great app!

    Now, two suggestions if you don’t mind (just can’t find a better place to post them):

    1. Could you please make a default name for the new lists? Just a date, or a number or whatever? As for me, I don’t really care about those names. It’s just a piece of paper with a shopping list, but on Android!

    2. Could you please make an ability to share the list by default in settings? All those lists are composed by my spouse, it would be great if they would be automatically shared with me.

    Thanks in advance!

  19. rhonda permalink

    I’m new to ‘Out of Milk” but so far, I like the features. One questions though. I haven’t heard of some of the local grocery stores listed in the Grocery deals feature. Do we have the ability to search/add the local store we frequently shop?

  20. Salamina permalink

    I’ve noticed that in the german version (app for android) the button for “remove completed” is not at the same place when I’m switching from the “shopping list” to the “pantry list”. This would be helpful.
    And another nice feature would be if I can switch also in the app from the “shopping list” to the “pantry list” without open first the “Home” screen.

    Apart from that: I like this app :-)

  21. Sam permalink

    Love your app, I can get the whole family involved in keeping the shopping list up to date! On that subject, it would be nice to have the option to see which person has added an item to a shared list, and/or who was the last person to undelete an item (I keep all the items I’ve bought in the past on my list and we undelete them to show we need them again). Knowing it’s my husband who added ice cream to the list rather than my 11 year old helps me decide if we really need it!

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

  22. Taylor O' permalink

    Love this app, I share list with two houses and can get things in our “ASAP” category when needed.
    When using two different stores, the FAST sync allows us to see what each other get without having to use minuets or wait for txts.
    Different colors for categories helps. Notes help with the details!
    I can make lists for my car, friends, family, events and different categories to distinguish importance, type of product, or for whom it’s for.
    No longer 1 person taking 1 written down list to 1 store at a time.
    Serious TV Campaign ideas ^^^^^^^^ In this comment. Could take this to an informational firm.

  23. Taylor O' permalink

    Oh yeah @Sam has a great idea on knowing who added what. lol you guys have some challenging ideas to incorporate to make this thing as popular as —– Facebook.

  24. Nessa permalink

    I was wondering if Out of Milk has an app that also does meal planning? It would be ideal to sync monthly or weekly meal plans with your grocery list.

  25. Bob permalink

    Is there some document available that explains the app and how it works? I scan items I normally shop for and they seem to be stored in the pantry. But when I create a shopping list, they are not displayed for me to select to add to my shopping list. Do you need to duplicate items and store a copy somewhere else so it can be added to the shopping list? Thanks

  26. I installed OoM a few days ago and it looks really nice, but there’s one issue that’s a deal-breaker for me: No notification when someone sharing my list updates it. A big part of my intended use for this (or a similar) app is to enable my spouse to make quick entries in a “pick up on the way home” list for me. The thing is, unless I’m missing something, there is no way I’ll know if that list has been updated unless I open the app and look. In practice, there’s no way I’ll remember to do this every day, and I shouldn’t have to remember – that’s the app’s job. Respectfully requesting that this be added as an option. Premium is fine, will be happy to go pro to get it. I like OoM, but if I find another usable shopping-list app with this feature I’ll be uninstalling it.

  27. Michelle permalink

    This update looks good but I’m still having to use my husband’s Android since it’s not available on my Window’s phone. Will this ever be available for Windows?

  28. Tere permalink

    I love this Android App that works beautifully on my smartphone and tablet but how come when I am adding items from my history there are 100′s of items that I DID NOT add, yet when I go in to Manage my history, they aren’t there to delete. I don’t see my self needing baby food, baby wipes, etc. and would like to delete all of the items I won’t ever buy so I don’t have to scroll so much when I am creating my shopping list. Anybody have any ideas?? Thanks!!!

  29. I love this app, but I would love it even more if it had a meal planning option. On the plus side, the Deals section has all but one of the stores I shop at regularly, and I love that it allows you to add items directly to any list, they aren’t just added to the default list.

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  31. Frank permalink

    I would like to see the option to put all “done” items at the very bottom of all lists, outside the category. I set up categories in order of the aisles and what they contain in my preferred store. This allows me to move through the store quickly without missing things and having to go back to get them. Currently the “done” items move to the bottom of the category. That means I have to scroll past them all to move to the next category to see what’s needed.

    Suggestion: Maybe adding an aisle data field to each item, that could be used to sort the items in the list or category, would be a plus. Further, you could have it by store (or list or category) so that any store you frequent would be in perfect shopping order (except Walmart, of course – they move stuff way too often ;-) .

  32. Larry permalink

    I tried to download Out Of Mild App on my Galaxy S 4 and I get on error and it will not load. What is wrong?

    • Gary permalink

      I downloaded out of milk on my Galaxy S 4 and didn’t have a problem. What error are u getting?

  33. Larry permalink

    Followup to my last message. I tried again and this time it worked. I now have the App on my phone.

  34. Dacia permalink

    Why do I only see expired Deals? How often are they updated? Thanks.

  35. Steve permalink

    Can someone tell me what does the ‘Clear store to list deal preference – Clears all the store to list mapping for deals’ on the settings means? Thanx.

  36. Katie permalink

    How do I hide the items I have checked off of the list so I don’t have to scroll through hundreds of items when I am looking for the few remaining on the list?

  37. How do I upgrade on my Nook? Is this upgrade on my Nook? My app on my nook still looks the same as when I purchased it originally. Also, is this app ever going to be available for iPad, not just iPhone? I don’t have an iPhone, but I have an iPad and would like to have it on my iPad in case my Nook ever quits.

  38. Cathy permalink

    When I create a new list for this week then “open” the list and the go to deals to start adding items that are on sale the app adds them to an older list??
    How do I add items to any given list?
    Don’t mostcof us add items on sale to the current listvwe have?
    Why does the app add items to a list I created months ago?
    Why does the app not let me set the list name to send the selected items to while I am in grocery deals?

  39. Cathy permalink

    When I create a new list for this week then “open” the list and then go to deals to start adding items that are on sale the app adds them to an older list??
    How do I add items to any given list?
    Don’t most of us add items on sale to the current list we have?
    Why does the app add items to a list I created months ago?
    Why does the app not let me set the list name to send the selected items to while I am in grocery deals?

  40. Rachel permalink

    I can’t get my categories to show up on my list. They have been created, but I can’t figure out how to embed them in my shopping list. Any tips?

  41. I have the original Out Of Milk Pro, what do you require for the upgrade to 3.3?

    Love this app!

  42. CarrolJ permalink

    I’m hesitant to write this question since I see no answers to any of the other questions asked here. I have not as of yet downloaded your Out Of Milk program. It may not be what I need. I am physically handicapped and need one of my grandchildren to put away and remove ingredients from the various storage areas. What I need is a program that will scan the ingredient purchased and make a master list which shows where that item is stored. I have items in the pantry, refrigerator, refrigerator freezer, deep freeze, and in our RV refrigerator/freezer. I would of course like to be able to remove however the needed items off the list when they are used so that I will always have a master list of what I have and where it is stored. Currently it is a nightmare. I have an android phone.

  43. Deena permalink

    So you announced a new feature with the update in FEBRUARY 2013 “ability to browse and search deals and promotions in your zip code (available to U.S. users only right now).” — When will this be available for Canada?

    Ive used OOM for a few years and really do love it, its simple and easy to use. I paid for the pro version too .. think it was the fist time I paid for an app. Anyway, other apps seem to have updates way more often — Feb 2013 for OOM??? Really? Any planned updates comign soon..its been over a year.

  44. carld256 permalink

    I REALLY hate categories. I don’t use them, and they take up a lot of already limited screen space. I turned them off in settings, restarted the app, but they’re still there. OOM has become a lot less useful for me. Unless there’s a way to permanently turn off categories this is a paid app I’ll have to abandon.

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  47. Paul permalink

    Thanks for a useful app :)

    The Other category used to be at the top but it seems to have moved down below my other categories.

    Can this please be put back to the top or if it could be possible to assign a default category that I can put at the top then that would also be ok. I hate adding something to the list and then having to scroll down to find it so I can then categorise it :(

    • Fabian permalink

      I agree. I always used the non-categorised list for the shop I go to most often. I don’t want to categorize everything for that shop, it’s to much. And it is also a hassle to always have to scroll down when I’m there.

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