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Out of Milk Overview Video

by Chase on September 11th, 2011

Yesterday we uploaded a video overview of Out of Milk to YouTube. We’d like to thank for producing such an awesome video. Share this video with everyone you know who doesn’t already use Out of Milk so they can see a 2 minute introduction on what they are missing out on :)

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  1. Kris permalink

    Found Out of Milk? app on my phone… this video helped understand many of the features this program offers. I scanned my entire pantry today and am unsure if now I can make a grocery list when I use one, if these items remain in pantry for what I frequently use, mostly my question is how to move items from one list to another…. manage items. This is coming from a new user perspective. Shall I scan items I purchase to add to my pantry inventory? Also, I do not have another person to share lists with… advantages of Pro for those of us with one Smartphone per family?!?! I’m thinking I’m going to love this, though. Thanks!

  2. Kay Brooks permalink

    The video seems just a basic introduction. There is a lack of any sort of real tutorial on this site and I can’t find any kind of user group support that might fill in the gap. Are we supposed to find each other on your Facebook page?

    Also, I noticed that when scanning Aldi products there was excellent recognition but when I looked at the pantry list on-line the price field was occupied by a major portion of the description. Might want to check on that.

    You’ve got the basis for an excellent bit of software and I’m hopeful you’ll cover the above as soon as you can.

  3. graham taylor permalink

    great app, a pleasure to use… have just updated to the pro version, well worth it as now i don’t need to get my reading glasses out anymore when shoping…

    the only downside of this app is that the barcode recognition is tailored towards the american market… how about getting your foreign users to contribute to your barcode database by uploading to your website the barcodes that they have scanned in…

  4. Kay Brooks permalink

    Seriously, gentlemen. A user support group and some additional tutorials would be very handy. What’s being done to provide those?

  5. Doug Washburn permalink

    Where is a tutorial for this app?

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