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Out of Milk 3.0 Is Out! Syncing and List Sharing for Everyone

by Marvin on July 3rd, 2012

We’re happy to announce the release of version 3.0 of Out of Milk. It’s a very important release and we’re really excited about it.

Signup, syncing and list sharing are now free

We understand how useful it is for couples, families and roommates to sync and share lists so we’ve decided to make syncing and list sharing completely FREE for everyone. There’s absolutely no catch.

To get started you’ll need to first create an account. To do so, just update to the latest version of Out of Milk. We’ve made the signup process very easy. You can signup using your Facebook or Google account. If you don’t have either one, you can signup using any email address as well. Happy syncing and sharing!


New look-and-feel

The previous Out of Milk theme was over a year old and we felt that it was time for something new. In this release, we’ve given the app an updated look-and-feel. The new look is beautiful, cleaner, more readable and easier on the eyes. The buttons are bigger than in the old design which makes them easier to tap. The new look also looks better on devices with larger screen.

Users who have devices running Android 3.0 and up will welcome the familiar menu button at the top right of the title bar. Expect the look-and-feel to evolve further in future releases. If you’re running Android 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.3, the top right menu button won’t show up for you. You can continue to use your phone’s physical menu button like you’ve done in the past. They accomplish the same thing.


Faster access to your lists

With the new design, it’s a lot easier to switch between commonly used lists. Tapping on the current list’s title now opens a menu. The neat thing about the menu is that it shows your last 3 recently used lists which makes switching lists quick and easy. We’ve also included convenient menus for going back to the homescreen and managing all your lists.


Additional improvements

As with every release, we’ve fixed plenty of bugs and improved performance. If you had issues with doing manual syncs in a previous release, please update as we’ve address several syncing issues in this release.

We hope you like this release. We would also like to wish our U.S. users a happy 4th of July!

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  1. Let the lit and philosophy students wait for Godot. I’m waiting for the iPhone version. :) (patiently, of course.)

    • Rockmo permalink

      I have been waiting a year for the iPhone app to come out….Still waiting.

      • MichaelPA permalink

        Me too. I paid for the app, then switched to an Iphone and wish I never had. I have asked about the Iphone version; these people did not answer. They don’t care about Iphone users. Now I will wait until I go back to Android.

  2. Mara A. permalink

    Free? As in FREE free???? OMG….I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

    • Mara A. permalink

      OK, except that it appears I still need to buy the unlocker. Which is cool, I just saw the “Free” and got a little ahead of myself…

  3. Andrei T permalink

    Lool.. . This is a great app, but I can t help but feeling like a fool for buying the pro version of it 4 days ago. That was because my wife got a new android phone so I thought having the sync option would be very useful while shopping… turns out its not sync-ing as fast as you would need it to, while in a big session of fast shopping… You both need to keep hitting the update button if you want to know what the other has bought…, and if I waited 2 more days I could of found that out for free..

    Its still an awesome app, but what do pro users like me get now as extra? Other than supporting the developers from the kindness of my heart, I see no logic reason to buy it…

    • Andrei T permalink

      If someone could fix that to say : ‘… 4 days ago …’.

    • Marvin permalink

      Hello Andrei,

      I fixed the typo per your request. Apologies. We didn’t want our existing Pro users to feel like fools. If you’d like, we can offer a refund to you and your wife.

      As extra, Pro users have the following features:
      * The widget
      * Switch to different themes
      * Change the font
      * Ability to specify a coupon on an item
      * Priority support from our team if you have any issues.

      We plan one expanding the Pro features in the future and existing Pro users will automatically receive those features.

      • Andrei T permalink

        Thank you very much for your quick and kind reply!

        Maybe I sounded a bit too harsh… I still feel a bit like a fool, but it was my bad luck, I guess. I understand your reasons for opening these features to the grand public, and I think it’s an awesome thing to do.

        I still think it’s a great app, and I have absolutely no intention of getting refunds for the 2 pro subscriptions I paid for. Personally, I don’t care much for the exclusive features left for Pro users right now, but I can’t wait to see what’s up next. And even if nothing new was coming these would still be the best 4 $ I spent on the play store in a long time.

        Thanx again to the developers team for this great app!! and … Keep up the good work!

        p.s: concerning my other small complaint about syncing feature… being a technical person myself, I understand the technologies limitations and i get that having 2 devices synced instantly over the internet would raise certain issues, the sync still is a great feature and I still use it a lot, it’s just not as instant as one (me) might hope :d …

        • Andrei T permalink

          So Marvin was awesome enough to point out that the tardiness or lack of the Real Time sync could be due to a Task Killer, and he was RIGHT!

          I added Out of milk to the manager’s “ignore list” and real time sync works in about 3-5 seconds over the mobile data networks! This app is beyond great for me now!

          Thank you so much Marvin, and all those developers working on this project!

          • Kim permalink

            thanks for telling me this!!!!

          • Would you care to share the details to this solution?
            I am not aware of a ‘task killer’, but you are far from the only one with tardiness or lack of real-time-sync.

      • Lynne permalink

        Hi Marvin! You seem to be the man with the answers.First let me say that I love this app! but…. My partner & I cannot get the share list option to work & we have not found any “how to” details on the website.Help please.

  4. gav456 permalink

    Not as recently, but equally annoying nevertheless… What ubercool features will us pro users get fit having paid for the app now that the reason we bought it is available on the free version?

    • Marvin permalink

      Hello gav456,

      Apologies. If you’d like, we can offer a refund to you and your wife.

      As extra, Pro users have the following features:
      * The widget
      * Switch to different themes
      * Change the font
      * Ability to specify a coupon on an item
      * Priority support from our team if you have any issues.

      We plan one expanding the Pro features in the future and existing Pro users will automatically receive those features.

  5. Ann permalink

    Best application to help have when you just need to always have a ongoing reminder list. From groceries to important errands/to do’s! Thank you OUT OF MILK! FANTASTIC JOB! I have been telling all my family and friends!

  6. Jason permalink

    Save is now broken – Android – 3.0.3 Pro – if you change the Title and Notes, only one of them saves. Please don’t break basic functionality!

    • Marvin permalink

      Hello Jason,

      I’m going to send you an email about this. This shouldn’t be happening. It certainly isn’t normal behavior.

  7. Nikki permalink

    I love this ap but would love it more if the list totaled what you have actually gotten instead of remaining

  8. Ali permalink

    I liked the beige/tan paper look before — it was easier on my eyes than the change to the gray paper with the legal pad theme, and the only other choice now is white or black. Any chance on getting the color back? I do find the other themes interesting, but not appealing for me. I really liked the original. :)

    • Marvin permalink

      Hello Ali,

      Not at this point. If we get enough users asking for it we may bring it back. Each theme takes up space and we generally try to keep the app’s size as small as possible.

      The new theme is different but I think it grows on you after some time. We feel that it looks much more crisp than the old theme.

  9. Martins permalink

    Great app! But i’m waiting for the iPhone version, because my wife have iPhone, i have HTC.

  10. Love this app. Sometimes I have a list going at home & just happen to be at the store. This way I access it on my phone. I take my home list & input it onto my Out of Milk. I have lists for different stores so shen I’m near there I can pull it up. Saves me gas from making special trips. Best one out. Thank you.

  11. Kamala permalink

    I liked the yellow, coffee-mug stain. Any chance of adding that as an alternate theme?

    • Marvin permalink

      Hello Kamala,

      Not at this point. If we get enough users asking for it we may bring it back. Each theme takes up space and we generally try to keep the app’s size as small as possible.

  12. Dennis permalink

    I absolutely love this app. I’ve tried others, but none can come close to this. I am a pro user and love it, I’m waiting for iphone version as that is what my wife has. Keep up the great work as none of the latest shopping apps can compare.

    Dennis HTC Inspire 4G gingerbread 2.3.3

  13. Kelly permalink

    I just updated my Android phone’s operating system from Gingerbread to Ice Cream and now when I try to use the phone’s Task Manager to exit the Out of Milk application I get the following error message:

    Exit! If you force stop an app it may cause errors!

    When I tried to add to my shopping list it had deleted all of my Previous History data so now I can no longer use it to add to a new shopping list.

    There needs to be an Exit/Stop/Save button to prevent this from happening again since using the phone’s Task Manager is a rather cumbersome way is exiting the app.

  14. Myles permalink

    Just to add my 2c worth, I really liked the original theme with the coffee mug stain too. I’d be keen on seeing it back please. I actually think that theme was eaiser on the eye than the new one or any of the others that are available on the Pro version.

  15. Michael permalink

    I upgraded to Pro about a month ago, and the only real motivator I can remember was cloud sync’ing.

    I agree with the other users who said the other Pro features aren’t of much interest to them.

    However, I’m shocked to realize that even the Pro version has no Search function that I can find! Is this true?

    My list is still pretty small and I’m already sick of scrolling to find what I need, not to mention to see if I already have it on the list.

    And if that isn’t bad enough, this app will allow me to create a second copy of the exact same item! So I can accidentally create a new copy of an item I already have crossed out. This means that every time I want to put something on my list, I first have to scroll to see if I already have it. That makes list building a clunky pain.

    I’m migrating from an old Palm PDA with an app called Handi Shopper that you folks should take some cues from. I hate to be harsh, but I’m confounded that you would be working on things like themes and fonts while overlooking basic useability.

    Handi Shopper’s search, function works much like Google’s does today – you only need to begin typing, and every match starts floating to the top! You can immediately see if the item is on your list and whether it’s crossed out. If you have no such item, you’ve wasted no keystrokes because as soon as you’ved typed enough for NO matches it understands you want to create a new item.

    Am I missing something here? The phone’s hardware even has a search button, but it’s useless while running Out of Milk. Please tell me you’re just about to include this utterly critical functionality, or yes, I would like a refund. I’ll go back to my dinosaur PDA.

    • Kim permalink

      I don’t see why you have made this so confusing. You have the ability to categorize your shopping list for example, dairy, hygiene, or you could even put in the order you shop your store! Also once you put an item in a category it will automatically place itself there next time it’s added to the list. If you don’t like typing, then use the micro phone. I find this app very handy and well made. I think your making it hard on yourself. I have nothing to do with the makers of this app, I’ve just used it daily for a long time now!

    • Pilar permalink

      Michael, I totally agree with you!
      Even having categories is not enough since each category can have a number of items you need to scroll through.
      I am also a former user of Handy Shopper!!
      Another feature I miss is the “Shopping Mode” were I would only see the “needed” items. It is really uncomfortable to scroll up and down the list while at the supermarket.
      And I would suggest the designers to add a feature which will not allow the phone to go black for not using it while shopping

    • I agree that it would be nice to have a function that would prompt you if entering a duplicate or at least a duplicate removal function.

      Search function would be nice too, but I don’t see it as essential since you can sort the list alphabetically and easily see the duplicate entries. It’s extra work but I can live with that.

      The main reason I like OoM is that out of dozens of similar apps I tested, OoM is the ONLY one that accurately matches the barcodes. Majority of apps that advertise barcode capability are useless since most of the time they cannot recognize the item, whichever database they’re trying to match it against.

  16. Tom Jorgenson permalink

    Okay. So I purchased the last version of OutOfMilk which no longer syncs. How do I get the new version? I tried going to and it says I “already own it.” I’m using a Kindle Fire.

    This has already caused me some grief since I didn’t find out it wasn’t syncing until I was already in the grocery store.

    Thank you.

  17. Timothy M. Kilbane permalink

    Is there an iphone version in the works? My partner who does shop has an iphone.

  18. sheila permalink

    Is there a way to have this on my laptop so that I can work on it at a convenient size and have it sync to the phone?
    Please keep the answer simple as I know little about either computers or smartphones

  19. Andrew permalink

    +1 for the coffee stain theme. Please don’t remove features on updates.

  20. Kim permalink

    I have to say I have used this app for several years now. It keeps getting better and better. I have it on my main screen and use it daily so I can keep a running list of my grocery needs by store. I also love the to do list, I can speak in the micro phone the moment something hits my brain and that way I don’t forget something I need to do. In this busy world we live in we all need a little help!! It does seem with this lastest update though, I lost some access to special features I did have before with the free version, kind of a bummer since I’ve used it so long! I still love it though!!

  21. Shawn permalink

    This is a great app that my wife and I use all of the time now. We bought the Pro version a few months ago and just shared the account. For those complaining about having paid for Pro – c’mon, really? It’s a $1.99 on Amazon. That’s less than a cup of coffee. If we want good apps, we need to support the developers. Nobody works for free, especailly if you want ubercool features.

    • I just bought a Dummies book which states that you only need to purchase 1copy of an app. Apparently you can then add the app to other tablets/cell phones etc. Let me know if this is correct with this app as I only have the freebie.

  22. Alice permalink

    I love OoM! Use it daily for grocery, to-do, gifts, etc. Search has never been a problem -just type a few letters and choose.t I liked the coffee stain. I would rather know what I’ve spent than how much remains. Its a great app! Thank you. I”be never regretted going Pro!

  23. Michael permalink

    I have been without this app since I, unfortunately, switched over to an IPhone. An instrument I absolutely feel is full of a lot of hype and not much of anything else. The Out of Milk app was one of my favorites if not my most favorite tool. When are you going to come out with the IPhone version? I loved this app so much I paid for it something I do NOT do very easily. Any info will be greatly appreciated by myself and I know by many others.

  24. William permalink

    I love the fact that such a great app showed up on Android first! I, like others have a divided house; Android and iPhone. Looking forward to the iPhone version for my wife. And yes, like my version I’ll gladly pay for her pro version to support the developers.

  25. Amy permalink

    I’d love to see more tips on your blog. How are people making the best use of this program? (I’m loving the program so far and having a blast setting up my pantry.)

  26. Judy permalink

    Please, please…we need a NEW, UPDATED tutorial for the new version of Out Of Milk app.

    I’m trying to figure it out on my own, and I have some ?? questions.

    Thank you!!!

  27. Amanda permalink

    I LOVE OoM! I My hubby and I bought the pro version a few months ago and it was totally worth the syncing and sharing feature. I appreciate being able to add to the the list while he is grabbing groceries. The ToDo lists work great for packing for the weekend. I recommend it to everyone with an Android, and brag about it to my mean sister-in-law because she can’t get it on her iphone yet. :)

  28. I love my OoM app for my Nook. But my DH and sons just got me an iPad for our anniversary. Is there an iPad app for this? I love it and use it all the time, but would like to be able to have it on my iPad as well as my Nook, since I use both. PLEASE make an iPad app for it. Thanks.

  29. Dan permalink

    This APP has now replaced the slow COZI app that I had been using – I used COZI only because i could sync lists across devices, but their service is SO SLOW!!!

    Thank you for providing the sync feature for FREE now!! Again, OOM is THE shopping list for my family!!!

  30. Curtis Pogue permalink

    While this isn’t entirely related to the new version of the app it seemed like a good place to ask it. With all the changes that have been made I’d like to see more features in the task list. I currently use Remember the Milk for my task list only because Out of Milk is really pretty basic for tasks. The one thing I really like about RTM is the integration with Gmail so I can create tasks right from within my daily email app. If OoM had that feature and a more feature rich tasks list I’d be more than happy to drop RTM.

    Sincerely, another paid Pro user.

  31. Heather permalink

    I am a paid PRO user running Android 2.3 which means I don’t get to use the new “list sharing” feature which is disappointing. Is there any other way I could do that? Also, it would be great to see more themes. Right now, there are only 4. Other than those two things Im happy w/my purchase. Great app.

    • Dennis permalink

      Hi Heather,

      I am also a user of Android 2.3, and I have
      the share list option. I have it on the phones
      menu button when I have the list open that I
      want to share and it works for me.

      Don’t know how your trying to access the share
      list option, but try opening the list and use your
      phones menu button to get “share list”.

      Dennis, HTC Inspire 4G, Android 2.3.5

  32. My wife and I have Motorola Atrix 2. Last week my phone had problems and we had to remove all information from it. I create the shopping list and my wife does the shopping. We use Milk for all our shopping and tasks and synch them easily…until now. I cannot receive the lists from her phone. I have downloaded and deleted Milk several times but nothing works. We cannot synch. What may I be missing? All but one other programs were restored without a hitch and information in tact. Millk is a great program.

  33. josmary permalink

    you should have a desktop version for those of us who dont have an android or smartphone. i wanted to use the out of milk apllication

  34. Alicia permalink

    Any idea when the iPhone/iPad App will be released. I bring my iPad with me to do my shopping.

  35. Jess permalink

    Any ideas when the iPhone app will be out?

  36. Graham permalink

    Just tried the free version and it seems to meet my demands. One question/observation though.
    Is it possible to Add an item (by test or speech) then scan a barcode to associate with it? Scanning first then waiting whilst it decides it’s unknown is very slow for lots of items, especially as most ‘own brand’ supermarket items seem to be not found. Adding manually then associating a barcode with it would speed things up immensly for items you are pretty sure won’t be found.
    Other than that it seems to be a great app.

  37. Amy permalink

    I REALLY NEED this app! I have an Iphone… is there any way I can get it or is it exclusively for the android? If I can’t get it, can you recommend another app for the iphone that accomplishes the same thing?

  38. Nick permalink

    On the pantry is there a way to have it put in a number of the item that are duplicate? So I have 5 Can of Tomato Soup. Instead of having 5 list items of that is thee a way just to have the inventory number next to it?

    Also I tend to buy the pro version of software I like. If I buy the pro version will it upgrade in place? Just want to make sure I don’t lose what I have already entered into the app.

    So far I am loving the app, Thank you.

  39. Sarah permalink

    Would love to have a comparative calculator to see which item is a “better purchase”.

  40. Michael Parment permalink

    I realy love this app, but my wife is using iphone :-(
    When do you release the iphone app ?

  41. Eke permalink


    1: I was wondering if and when this app becomes available for Windows Phone? (since partner has one)

    2: my android all works fine, inc. sync to website. My partner logs in to my account on the website but the changes he makes there, stay there; they do not get synced to my adroid.*

    *in this example I make a grocery list. My partner goes to the store and marks the items as completed. Those markings do not get synced to my android; all the items stay ‘open’.)



  42. Dave permalink

    When I enter a price as I purchase it at the store, I expected the price in the Pantry to be updated. It is not. So I have to copy the shopping list item to the Pantry to capture the information. If an Item has a bar code in the shopping list and the same bar code in the pantry, shouldn’t the price be updated in the pantry as well? That way the next time I add the item from they pantry to the shopping list, the price should show. Then I can see price changes when I’m shopping. I think the “auto update pantry” should at least be an option in the “Pro” version… I’d pay for that! Great little app. I’ve gotten several other to sign up! Love the sharing.

  43. Jamie permalink

    I’m just a little confused does the share/sync option share and sync in the app or is it just txt and email? In. in om in.

  44. Kate permalink

    Is there any scope for future versions to have a ‘need to buy’ list? Currently I have to scroll through lots of crossed out items within each category when going round the store. I would much prefer to just have a list of what I need, but still have the option to uncross/ cross items off the main list related to this the following week

  45. Kodi L permalink

    There are so many people asking for the iPhone app for their partners and yet no one from milk has answered. I own htc but fiancé has an iPhone. Can you at least tell us why you refuse to answer the faithful android users who would like to sync with their families??? Even the ones who have pro seemed to be ignored when they ask about the iPhone app. It is frustrating to be ignored.

  46. vivian hays permalink

    How do l sign up or sign in? Nothing happens. How do i update to the 3.0 version?

  47. vivian permalink

    I had an android but now i have the iphone. Does that make a difference?

  48. Vicki permalink

    I just wanted to say I purchased the Pro version several years ago and I love it. I am pleased to see you now have the sharing option for free. Even though I paid for mine and my boyfriend has his version free – I am still VERY happy I purchased it and I just want to say it was worth every penny.

    Great job guys!! Keep up the great work.

  49. Jessica permalink

    An option to keep the screen from shutting off while the list is open would be great. It’s a pain when I have to unlock my phone twenty times while in the supermarket.

  50. ZeffanTM permalink

    What do you mean by the Pro feature, “Ability to specify a coupon on an item”
    Can’t we do that now with the free version?

  51. Danielle permalink

    I need to know how I unsinc with someone I have been sincing with? I went to settings but cant find any info there. Can someone please help?

  52. Kacir2010 permalink

    I keep trying to sync to my phone but for some reason it isnt working!! I entered my list and pantry information on my laptop and I was able to sync to my tablet but it wont sync to my phone, any ideas why this isnt working for me? i LOVE this App and will buy the pro if i could get the sync to work on my phone..

  53. I have pro version but my phone died and all that’s on the sd card that i can tell pertaining to out of milk is “com.capigami.outofmilk-1.asec”. Will that have any of my data when i get a replacement phone?

  54. JKR permalink

    My device is running android 4.0.3. Even after closing the app it seems to be running always in the background and shows up in the task manager. Cant this be overcome.

  55. Dennis permalink

    Ok, this makes me a bit worried. No one from OOM is responding to anything here. It has been a bit long to go with nothing being said..

  56. Darlene Harry permalink

    Just bought a Macpro and an IPAD. Really need Out Of Milk ap for Apple. Please soon?

  57. Wayne permalink

    Are the lists suppose to be empty? I’m sure my wife’s phone had a populated list when first installed.

  58. Fantastic app. Even though didn’t need pro version have paid for all your handiwork (donation).
    Would love to be able to take photos of some items to speed up searching in aisles… can you add that to features of pro one day please? Thank you!

  59. Kate L permalink

    My husband and I seem to be having an issue with sharing in syncing right now. I just updated to the newest version 3.1.4 (?). It seems that he can’t see whatever I have entered on our shared shopping list. I can’t see what he has entered either. Either on the website or this shared list on our phones. Any help would be appreciated.

  60. Dan permalink

    I am finding Oom to be user-friendly and very helpful. Love the tattered paper and coffee stain look. One problem though: because we shop a lot from bulk bins, I am fearful of dropping my cell phone or having it snatched from the grocery cart. My plan was to create my list on the cell phone, then e-mail it to my desktop and print from there. On the printout, it was disappointing to find the categories were gone, and the items were in a random order. Not a very convenient list to work from in the grocery store. So, how can I print my list and keep all of the information intact? [11-12-12]

  61. Love the program. One of the best I have seen on Android.
    Would like to have five recent lists. Three is not enough.
    Would also like to donate. Free version does everything I need; so no need to go Pro.

  62. Pat permalink

    I have been using OOM for several years and love it…but all of a sudden my tablet and smart phone don’t sync….the same phone and tablet that I have been using from the beginning. Any idea what my problem might be?

  63. Valeria permalink

    I just updated, mostly by accident, and I haven’t had a chance to check out the new features, but I wish they hadn’t changed the background color. It took me a moment to figure out why it seemed to hurt my eyes. One thing I really likednabout the app was the very mild paperlike BG color. This new grey color is vighter and more contrastt without the advantage of increasing visibility. It makes my eyes tired to look at. I hope enough people mention this and they change it back or give it as an option. Of all the features they mention being better, I would NOT have changed such a pleasant and memorable background. I wish i could go back, i did not mean to upgrade cause I dont sync or that other stuff. I personally get no bebefit from it and gained an eyesore.

  64. Is thereany place where people post lists publicly.
    Like say a generic limited list of 200 items
    And then a section divided by state(and region for mine here in Texas) for say localised lists or stores .
    This I think would help new users get a fast start evenif only pro users could get to the regional lists the generic would be such a big boost
    And the regional lists could be moderated within the community

  65. Correction to email address darn auto complete

  66. Themes or color settings since my personal is black background and mid bright green text

  67. webfraeulein permalink

    Hey there,

    I absolutely love this app. There’s only one thing I’m still searching: location based to do items. It would be so cool if Out Of Milk could remind me of tasks I have to do when I’m at home, those I have to do when I reach the office and so on.

    I know Christmas is far away but this leaves you guys a bit of time. ;-)


  68. Jenn permalink

    I just added the pro version of this app to my tablet specifically for the convenience of organizing my grocery items by type (ex: produce, meat, pharmacy, etc.), but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do that. Am I doing something wrong, or does this app not actually have that feature??

  69. JoAnn permalink

    Is there an ipad download so we can sync with our iPhone

  70. John Pisanchik permalink

    How do I set up my wife’s phone so that the lists synch up?


  71. Anders permalink

    Is there a way to have several email/google accounts connected at the same time? I would like to share different lists with my family and my sister.

  72. Daniel Campbell permalink

    Hi, I can’t find help for this Great App.

    My wife sends sms lists from her iphone, while I am at work, but I can’t import them into my android. (I have to use the hopeless sms text reader… yuk. Perhaps if you could have an import from text feature – that recognises the same text-data and OoM user has sent.

    Otherwise, how do I import into OoM, text-sms lists sent from OoM? OR is there a better way for us to share the lists… (While I am 30min/30km drive away)

    Also, putting a public comment on here as the ONLY way to contact you is a bit frustrating. How do I contact you otherwise?

    Thanks for your great work.

  73. JustAnotherUser permalink

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